Communication Tips for Gamers

Communication Tips for Gamers

With the rise of multiplayer games, it’s clear that being able to communicate well has become one of the most important parts of being able to win games instead of losing horribly.

Whether it is you rocking a Falchion Blue Steel in CS:GO and being called out for your absolutely dapper looks or being flamed on for missing the last frag; let’s face it, communicating can be difficult.

Because of this, we’ve gone ahead and compiled a few communication tips for you feisty gamers out there. So, without further ado, let’s get rocking!

Stay Civil — No Matter What!

Alright, our first tip might seem like an attack to some of you. But it is here for good reason. When playing games, things tend to get heated quite quickly. In those situations, only a level-headed mind will prevail in the end. While these may be your team members, throwing profanities at them won’t really do you or them any good.

You’ll probably lose the game, since team morale will have gone down the drain. And, when you do end up getting off the game, you’ll end up feeling much worse than you would’ve if you just stayed quiet.

So, if you are met with a rager on your team or the enemy’s, whether it is voice or chat, we recommend just not giving a crap and moving on with your day. If someone’s griefing the game, they’ve probably made up their mind to lose the game anyways. So, why ruin the game for yourself too?

Learn the Value of the Mute Button

While this tip too may feel a bit aggressive, some individuals in the gaming community really do deserve a muted response. And when you interact with them, we recommend just hitting the mute button and going about your day. Otherwise, once again, you’ll be met with profanities and slurs that’ll simply put a sour taste in your mouth.

Sometimes, you might be muted when you really didn’t do anything wrong. And that’s fine too. There’s no need for you to get feisty over being muted and ruin the game. If your teammate is still doing their job and being civil, live with it and move on.

Communication Tips for Gamers 2

Give Out Concise Calls

There have been a lot of times when we’ve jumped into a ranked match on Dust 2 only to be greeted with the call He’s there. While the player may think this call was enough information, it certainly isn’t. In most cases, players presume that everyone shares the same perspective as they do.

And unless they’re using some sort of wallhack, they definitely do not. So, give your teammate the benefit of the doubt and give out extremely clear, concise communication calls that actually make sense in the long run. In most cases, your call would go something like, He’s on a ramp with a UMP.

Giving out calls like these doesn’t guarantee that your teammate will be able to react to them on time. But it certainly increases the odds of them being able to do so.

Don’t Over Communicate

Branching off the point of communication, overcommunication is another issue that a lot of players tend to make their teams suffer with. For instance, let’s say there’s the aforementioned enemy on a ramp; the call we’ve given above makes sense.

But, in some cases, what ends up happening is that your teammate may give out calls like he’s in the right, he’s behind the box, jump up and shoot him, etc. In these cases, the player in charge of the gun may end up getting flustered or just downright annoyed at the over-communicating player and completely mess up their shots.

So, when you do end up in a really heated moment, try not to get too emotional and completely mess up the game for everyone else by giving out random calls that do not make sense. And, if you are with someone who is doing the same, we recommend muting them to ensure that you don’t end up getting very flustered and messing up the game for everyone.