Creation of WEB Applications

Creation of WEB Applications

Web application development opens up new business opportunities. Thanks to cloud solutions, such a product works on any device through a browser. Simple interaction with customers allows us to provide them with convenient and high-quality service. It is a modern tool for company digitalization that simplifies business processes and positions you in the online space.

Advantages of Web Applications

Although web application development is more complex, expensive, and time-consuming, it has many advantages and is suitable for running a business. It is an active digital tool capable of attracting the target audience, increasing loyalty, and performing some business processes. Let’s analyze the key advantages. The team is engaged in the creation of the WEB application WeSoftYou.

Data Protection

All data is stored on a cloud service. Although this is a third-party resource, each service pays special attention to the protection of information and compliance with confidentiality. Therefore, you can be sure that your users’ data is securely protected and insured. They are in no way connected to your equipment, so it is simply impossible to lose them, accidentally destroy or damage them. Backup guarantees the preservation of data.

Integration With Other Systems

The development of web applications is a large complex of activities aimed at creating a high-quality digital product. Although an experienced team can develop all the components themselves, there is simply no need to do so. You can reduce the cost of development if you use third-party services. Web applications are easily integrated with other systems.

Settings for Different Platforms

The main advantage of a web application is the ability to work with different operating systems and platforms. You don’t need to create multiple products for individual devices. The web application works through a browser. It can easily be configured for different platforms, and your customers will have access to the resource regardless of the type of device.

Updating the Software Code

It takes a lot of time and resources to make changes to the functionality of traditional software: from code changes to testing and distribution of the new version among users. The development of web applications is arranged differently. Editing takes very little time. In addition, the result will be immediately noticeable, and changes are made instantly.

What does WEB Application Development Consist of

Creation of WEB Applications 2

  1. Business analytics and needs identification

Peculiarities of the enterprise sphere, competitors, and target audience are studied. A web application development strategy is built based on the collected data.

  1. Compilation of the technical task

A concept is created, a stack of technologies is selected, and a TK is created for specialists. A clear plan of action and step-by-step instructions are formed.

  1. Web application prototyping

A prototype is made, and the placement of elements and functional features are determined. Thanks to the prototype, it becomes clear how the development of web applications will proceed. Develops web applications adapted to the domain of your business at the link:

  1. Interface design development

Graphic elements are created, the design style is selected, and the placement of components is determined. The visual part of the program is made, and the elements are arranged according to the prototype.

  1. The adaptive layout of the web application

Resizing elements for correct display of different devices. Display on different screen sizes is tested, as the web application works through a browser on any OS.

  1. Programming

The code is created, and the technical development of the web application begins. The main part of creating a product is realizing all ideas.

  1. Testing web applications

Load tests, the presence of errors in the code, and security are carried out. Web application testing help prepare the application for a successful release.

  1. Launch and technical support

Setting up a domain name, setting up and running the program, and providing technical support. We make sure that the product works correctly, and we fix problems instantly.


The company needs the development of web applications if it does not know exactly what its audience uses during interaction with the business – a mobile device or a computer. In addition, web applications are easier to promote, they do not need to be installed beforehand, and you can easily change the functionality, improve or rework something. A business needs a web application to position the company on the Internet and promote services.