Creative Usernames for Social Media

Creative Usernames for Social Media: One Thing That Lasts

Since childhood, everyone aspires to become someone that makes known for their value in this world. May it be in the field of sports or academics, every achiever makes a name for the things they excel with. 

As members of this society, those whose contribution inclined with positive output tend to top in the benchmark of names that always get to be remembered. 

In sports alone, people are labeled as GOAT (Greatest of All-Time), MVPs (Most Valuable Player), and at times, Rookies of the year. Having said that, most people name their child in honor of those whose achievements excelled the impossible and hit the beacon of success in their limelight.

It’s all about immortality

Names play an important role in our lives as it is the only thing that makes us immortal in this ever-changing world. Depending upon how you lived up your name, people will either adore you or curse you for the unforgettable things you did in the course of your lifetime. 

People will never forget the extremes of everything, extreme excellence that covered you the valor of achievement, or extreme nuisance that would label you as the most delinquent one among strata. Nonetheless, it is inevitable that for every contribution you make, your name is always at stake. 

Historical background

Back in late medieval times, names play a crucial role in terms of status and order that even putting a verdict under the name of a ruler is enough to decide the outcome for one’s life. 

As we look back in the era where gladiators savagely fought for their freedom, it will always be the Emperor’s call that gives the verdict. Likewise, anyone who is charged for treason will be executed or be pardoned in the name of the King.

Names of great leaders will also be remembered no matter what point in history they were born, as long as their leadership channeled the way for freedom against oppression and turmoil. 

Hence, names play an important role for whatever purpose it may serve as it is the only thing that will always last. 

Back in the present, a lot of social media websites let you choose a unique name that will be used to define who you are. 

Social Media and Your Photography

Reflection of one’s self

Character nomenclature alone speaks a lot about one’s personality. In most cases, people chose names that deal with a great impact when read or heard of. 

From the likes of King Arthur to the choosing of Hitler, these names wrote down the course of history along with them. 

The question is, how are you supposed to choose your name? 

In most social media websites, most of us, if not all, choose to use our first and last names for others to search for us easily. The advancement of technology gave us access to information to look for someone, maybe a family member or a long lost friend, and connect with them. 

Tech matters

I remembered my uncle back then where social media was not yet invented and phone calls used to be the luxury of the rich, it took them a long time to inform their other relatives through a telegram that their father passed away. With social media alone, everybody gets to be connected and updated about one’s life. 

However, just like other things, everything has its pros and cons. 

Surely, using your real name grants access for other people to easily connect with you and vis-a-vis connecting with them. But, we cannot disregard the fact that others might use your identity for negative things like making false reports under your hood and make up stories to make yourself look bad. 

So, being prudent in the use of real names in social media must be carefully weighed through. 

For these reasons, others put up a hoax name to conceal their identity and protect their confidentiality against stalkers and posers. Upon which, it will narrow down as to what names will you use to define your character in the face of the online world. 

Benchmark of Success

As said earlier, we could choose to follow names that already made the benchmark of success to define ourselves in terms of social media setup. 

One could use the name Lancelot, or even MacArthur to exhibit bravery and stronghold. You could also choose Confucius or Aristotle to patronize knowledge and wisdom among others. 

In terms of a unique amalgam of names, others could choose two different names derived from opposite words that display the vast dichotomy of synergy just like the renowned national artist from the Philippines, Kidlat Tahimik, which is translated into “Silent Lightning”. 

There are those whose idea of creating a username for social media encompasses their inner depth of character as seen on names such as “HappyNoodles” or “BlazingThunder”. After all, we are given the liberty of choice to display ourselves as what we want others to look upon us. 

Regardless of who we are or what we do, our names reflect the things we want the most. Depending upon the nature of work we are inclined with, more often than not, we associate ourselves with the things we usually see in our vicinity.

Pop Culture

For instance, an aspiring pilot would name himself as “Top Gun” in honor of the famous dogfight movie in the late 1980s, or a doctor whose online gaming account would name himself “Dormicum” as one of the best sedatives in the market.

To sum up, names play an important role in defining ourselves in the social media world. Each name is unique and serves as the facade of how we want others to perceive us. Depending on how we come up with a label that will define us, each name is unique and is essential to make ourselves known. 

The social media world gives us an avenue to connect with others with whom we share our thoughts and ideas. Regardless of what names we come up with, one must inculcate in mind that this is used to define us as a reflection of how others perceive ourselves. 

We all have the freedom to choose the names we want in terms of status, conviction, or even just by the mere selection, as long as these names bring out the inner self one wishes to portray.