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David Preston Jessop: The Ex-Husband of Robyn Brown

David Preston Jessop is an enigmatic figure who has garnered media attention for his association with reality TV star Robyn Brown, one of the stars of the popular show “Sister Wives”. Despite being married to Robyn for seven and a half years and having three children with her, David has maintained a low profile and has largely stayed out of the public eye. This article delves into the life and career of David Preston Jessop and provides insights into his relationship with Robyn Brown and their family.

Early Life and Career

David Preston Jessop was born on August 26, 1979, in Montana, USA. He grew up in a large family with nine brothers, all of whom were raised in a polygamous household. His father, Louis, was married to multiple wives, and his mother, Mary, was actually his uncle’s wife at the time they got married. This complex family structure was a result of their church’s acceptance of polygamy, which often led to individuals being linked by blood relationships or marriage ties.

David attended school in Montana and completed his education before embarking on a career in the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) industry. He has been successful in his chosen field and has established himself as a competent and reliable professional. David has been known to be committed to his work and has garnered respect from his colleagues and clients alike.

Marriage to Robyn Brown

David’s association with Robyn Brown began in the late 1990s when they met each other in Montana. Robyn, who was born into a polygamous family, was still a student at the time. Their relationship progressed quickly, and Robyn soon found out that she was pregnant. They decided to get married in June 1999, which was around the same time Robyn gave birth to their first child, Dayton. Two more children, Aurora Alice and Breanna Rose, followed in the years to come.

David and Robyn’s marriage was rocky from the start, and things only got worse as time passed. Robyn has alleged that David was abusive to her and their children during their marriage, which ultimately led to their separation and divorce. Their divorce was finalized in 2007, and Robyn has since moved on and remarried.

Allegations of Domestic Abuse

Robyn Brown has been vocal about the domestic abuse she experienced during her marriage to David. In an interview with People, she revealed that she suffered physical and emotional abuse at the hands of David. She also claimed that he was abusive towards their children, which made her feel like she had to protect them from him. Robyn stated that the abuse was a major factor in her decision to end the marriage.

David has not publicly commented on the allegations of domestic abuse. He has maintained a low profile and has not spoken to the media about his relationship with Robyn or their divorce. His whereabouts and activities have remained a mystery, and he has not been active on social media.

Life After Divorce

After their divorce, David disappeared from the limelight and has not made any public appearances. He has reportedly been living a low-profile life in Montana, away from the media spotlight. David has not been active on social media, and his personal life remains shrouded in secrecy. He has also distanced himself from the Apostolic United Brethren (AUB) church, which Robyn is still a part of.

In 2018, David made headlines when he was arrested for assault. According to reports, he was charged with assaulting a family member and causing injury. He pleaded not guilty to the charge, and the case was later downgraded to disorderly conduct. He was ordered to pay fines and was released a few days later.

David’s children with Robyn were adopted by her current husband, Kody Brown. They reportedly had not seen their biological father in almost two years at the time of their adoption. Robyn has been vocal about the fact that her children were mistreated by David during their marriage, which may explain why they were in favor of the adoption process.

Current Status and Personal Life

David Preston Jessop continues to maintain a low profile and has not been seen in public for several years. He has not been active on social media, and his current status is unknown. It is not clear if he has gotten into a new relationship or has remarried since his divorce from Robyn. However, it is known that he has distanced himself from his previous church, the Apostolic United Brethren.

Robyn Brown has moved on from her marriage to David and has remarried Kody Brown. They have two children together, Ariella and Solomon, and Robyn’s three children with David have been adopted by Kody. They are now a part of a large family with 18 children from Kody’s four wives.


David Preston Jessop is a private individual who has maintained a low profile despite being associated with a reality TV star. He has had a successful career in the HVAC industry and has been known for his commitment to his work. His relationship with Robyn Brown was tumultuous, and allegations of domestic abuse were a major factor in their separation and divorce. David’s personal life and current status remain unknown, and he has not made any public appearances in recent years. Despite his absence from the limelight, his association with Robyn Brown and their family continues to be a part of her story on “Sister Wives”.