Daybreak series
Daybreak series

Daybreak season 2: Canceled or Renewed, Plot, and Cast

Daybreak is an action having its origin from America, with Brad Peyton being its creator. Having aired on Netflix in 2019 October, the show had an IMDb rating of 6.7 with a single-season airing. Season one ended on an awesome note that left the viewers eagerly waiting for the second season.

Daybreak is considered as one of those shows that attracted many people and performed fairly well. It was considered to be among the best during the season. The show was beautiful from the first episode of the first season till the last episode.

What made the show trend in 2019 was its genre and storyline. The perspective and approach of the show were key to making its performance awesome. Using a unique setting and premise makes the show lovely to watch. It uses teen drama involving high-schoolers who put their effort into trying to live in a post-apocalyptic world.

However, the show ended without giving any communication as to whether there will be season 2 or not. Also, there is no highlight of when the show will release and what we should expect in the second season. There are still high hopes that things will keep working for the best.

Daybreak season 2 canceled or renewed

Daybreak aired on Netflix, which ended up canceling the show. There is, therefore, no renewal to mark the continuation of the series even though the end of season one gave hopes for the continuation of the second season.

Viewers have therefore continued staying with a story that does not have an ending. However, there is still a lot of hidden works about the show. Having the series canceled on Netflix doesn’t mean that the show has permanently ended.

There is, therefore, hope that the show may continue on another platform other than Netflix. We are therefore focused on all areas to see where the show may re-appear again. The good news at the moment is that we have maintained close contacts with the show makers.

The plot of Daybreak season 2

The ending of the first season left so many holes that indicated the continuation of the series. It is, therefore, possible that the second season will resume from where the first ended. In the previous show, we see Wheeler working hard to spare his British companion Samaira.

John also does his best to survive the max-style possess that comes with unfriendly outcomes. The show was highly expected to have an awesome ending clarity of whether there would be season 2 or not. The ending of the story leaves an indication that season 2 will air.

The makers of the show have so much content that would make the second season colorful. Although the show has been canceled, its revival will come with a more interesting story. More action and drama is expected in the second season that it was in the first season.

The story’s continuation will reveal several things about the actors in terms of their character, personalities, and attitudes.

The cast of Season 2


If Daybreak season 2 is to happen, we are predicting a 100% return of the characters. The hopes of having more characters in the second season are very high. Such a prediction is geared because there are very high expectations that the show will advance its play to a more advanced level.

In the first season, the cast members include Wesley, acted by Austin Crute, Alivia, who acted as Angelica Green; Collin Ford acted as Josh Wheeler; Sophie Simmet, who acted as Samaira Dean; Jeanne Godlock, Who acted as Bro Jock.

Each cast member will resume the roles they did in the first season.

Daybreak season 2 updates

The last update we had about the show was about its cancellation by Netflix. It brought about a reaction that was not pleasing to the makers who expressed sadness. The news about the cancellation of the show was also not received well by the fans.

So far, we do not have any other updates regarding the shows renewal and any other plans. We hope that the show will renew, and we shall be posted as to when there shall be a release.  Fans are also tuned to see whether the show will be back again or not.

The hopes of having a second chance on Netflix are very high.  Therefore, it is possible that the next update will be from Netflix and intended to have the show back again. 

Release of season 2

Although there hasn’t been communication about the second season’s release, there are hopes that 2021 or 2022 will show back in either Netflix or another show.


Daybreak season 2 is a highly expected release. However, its cancellation has been heartbreak to the viewers and the makers of the show. It is not surprising that many shows were canceled but later got back to the screens.

Therefore we have hope that the show will be back. We shall provide an update of the same as soon as it was confirmed.