Plumbing Emergency

Dealing With A Plumbing Emergency

Water is life, we all use it every day and need it to survive. We are blessed in these modern times with the gift of water in our homes that we can instantly turn on and off with the twist of the wrist, a fantastic convenience and a huge improvement over the old days when people had to haul water into their home in buckets from a well or a river. Even with modern plumbing technology making our lives so easy, problems can still arise from time to time. If you wake up to a constant dripping sound, you have a plumbing problem. Worse yet, if you feel water actually dripping on you through the ceiling from the upstairs bathroom, you have a plumbing emergency and you had better get help quickly before it escalates into a plumbing disaster!

When things that should be dry start getting wet you need to summon the experts to come to help you deal with the problem before your home and possessions suffer irreparable damage. A trained, experienced plumber can help you with everything from blocked drain repair to broken waterlines, to plugged toilets, so give them a call before things get out of hand and your house becomes a swamp.

If you think you are faced with a plumbing emergency, first turn off the fixture, and if needed shut down your home’s main water line to help limit water damage. The following are two of the most common plumbing emergencies to look out for:

Sewer System Backups – Backed-up sewage is not only an unpleasant event, it’s a health hazard that needs immediate attention. If someone in your household does what they shouldn’t and flushes paper towels, wet wipes, or feminine hygiene products down the toilet, it is bound to clog up eventually. Another culprit may be tree roots growing through cracks in old pipes which causes blockages, too. You will know if you’re dealing with this kind of plumbing emergency because you will typically smell it! The stench of raw sewage will permeate through your home or around your property like an invisible, but oppressive cloud. You may also notice gurgling sounds emanating from the plumbing or even see sewage seeping up from your drains! For example, sewer water might pool in your shower when you flush your toilet. Yuck! These are signs you cannot afford to ignore, call for professional help!

Sump Pump Failures – The sump pump is an essential defence against flooding, which is critical if you live in a swampy area or a region prone to heavy rainfall. Some soil types also drain better than others. Your home is vulnerable to serious water damage when your sump pump fails. If your sump pump is malfunctioning, you might notice unusual sounds and vibrations, irregular cycles, or continuous running. Try to catch these issues before the pump fails!

You can avoid problems in the first place by making sure your water system adheres to the codes the Australian government has in place.