Different brands of wireless headphones

Different brands of wireless headphones

Since headphones are worn on the ears, poor quality headphones could damage the ears, adversely affecting the hearing of the person. Hence most people would prefer to purchase branded headphones, since they are assured of the quality of the headphones.

Though most of the headphone manufacturers are selling both wired and wireless headphones, more people are opting for wireless headphones if they are using them for listening to music, or speaking on their mobile phone while traveling.

These headphones do not have wires to connect the microphone and speakers to the sound source, signals are transmitted using a Bluetooth connection. . Some of the different brands of wireless headphones which are popular in Singapore are discussed.

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Sony is one of the most popular brands of wireless headphones in some of the top online shopping websites in Singapore. Though the cost of the wireless headphones from Sony is significantly higher than the headphones of many other brands, it is extremely popular because of the excellent noise cancellation features resulting in better sound quality.

The well designed headphones are comfortable to use. Some of the most popular models can be used for at least 30 hours without being charged. Depending on the budget, there are different models of headphones from Sony availablẹ.

Nakamichi is another extremely popular Japanese brand of headphone which is available for sale online, with the HDR 1059 model being the top selling model. One of the reasons why many people prefer to purchase the Nakamichi headphone is the affordable price, it is costing only $55.90 which is a major discount on the retail price of $185.90.

It is designed so that the user can wear it comfortably for a long time. The headphone can be used for 25 hours continuously without recharging. Like other headphones it had noise cancellation technology, and it uses Bluetooth 4.1 for wireless communication.

Bose is one of the most popular music and audio equipment brands worldwide, and its wireless headphones especially QC35 series are also popular among headphone buyers. Though they are more expensive than most of the other models, the buyers are willing to pay more because of the excellent noise cancellation technology incorporated which ensures better music quality.

They are compatible with Google assistant. The user can hear clearly while making and receiving phone calls even in windy or noisy conditions. The fully charged battery can be used for 20 hours.

Aftershokz is one of the more affordable brands of wireless headphones which is becoming more popular with multiple models available. It has a wide range of models available, and these headphones are using the latest Bluetooth version 5 for communications. These headphones are popular among top sports persons worldwide.

Beats headphones are also popular though they are more expensive. Some of the other brands of wireless headphones are Sudio, Marley, Philips, Bowers and Wilkins. It is important to carefully check the features of the headphones, especially the time for which it can be used without recharging the battery and reviews of the specific model before purchasing the headphone online.