Eastern Europe software development outsourcing in 2022

Eastern Europe software development outsourcing in 2022

Europe is one of the few countries that has adopted to latest IT tools and technologies. Outsourcing companies in eastern Europe are getting a lot of attention due to several reasons. Europe has become the next IT development hotspot for many international companies. But why is that?

Well, the Europe region is filled with millions of tech-savvy individuals. They have plenty of creative developers who can think out of the box and can present state-of-the-art solutions.

It is an opportunity for companies who are looking to cash in the talent that the Eastern Europe software outsourcing community has to provide.

Outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe is a good option. See, the cost of living in Eastern Europe is comparatively lower than in the rest of the regions. That is why the top software development companies in Eastern Europe offer lower rates. Plus, they have the talent. Combining these two points- is a perfect solution if you are looking for someone to develop software for you.

Eastern Europe software development outsourcing can be beneficial, provided you know what you are doing. Visit the mentioned link to read about where you can find the best IT developers in Eastern Europe.

There are other benefits of IT sourcing in Eastern Europe. But, before that, we will talk about some facts about Eastern Europe software outsourcing.

Eastern Europe Statistics:

Grandview research recently released a report which states that the European IT industry is expected to grow 7.7% every year for the next five years. According to the report, the IT industry if Europe will reach $937 billion in 2027. It was laying around $556 Billion in 2020. That is a huge increase. Many companies are facing a shortage of IT talent, while Europe has a steady stream of IT graduates and is more likely to increase in the upcoming years.

International companies all over the world are looking forward to outsourcing software development to Eastern Europe. GSA report states that 69% of the respondents want Europe IT professionals to become partners with them. They expect them to act as integrators rather than simple employees.

Another report suggests that many clients prefer IT sourcing in Europe rather than any other region. Eastern Europe has gained the title of having more than 100 IT cities than any other region. It holds the number 1 spot with South America on the second and Asia on the third.

IT developers in Europe are commanding the global IT industry because of the growing number of IT specialists. That is why Europe’s IT industry is taking the lead and is flourishing. That makes it perfect for companies to leverage Eastern Europe software outsourcing services because they can get the type of developer who is best suited for their project.

Advantages of Outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe

We gave you a little taste of what advantages IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe has to offer. We know that you are a little bit convinced to outsource your project to a European IT specialist. Let’s make more advantages so that you can be sure whether to take the step or not.

Speedy recruiting:

One of the first advantages of IT outsourcing in Eastern Europe is speedy recruiting. With Europeans, you can get top IT developers on board within 3-5 days. Companies can leverage this benefit in other parts of the business. There is no such hassle as job posting, filtering out resumes, and interviewing.

Availability of Talent:

In the statistics chapter, we have seen the growing number of IT professionals in Eastern Europe. See, Eastern Europe IT companies can offer a tremendous amount of facilities for your project. This will cater to the shortage of IT developers in your country. Plus, if you are not satisfied with the results of European developers, there is always the option to replace that outsourcing team.

No language barrier:

For any company, the most daunting thing is the language barrier. There are a lot of companies who say that once in a while, they have seen the language barrier issue with IT outsourcing companies. That is not the case in Eastern Europe. They are fluent English speakers. This is the advantage that you can only get with European IT outsourcing companies.

The move of hiring outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe can be exciting and result in great efficiency in every possible way. But, the secret to that is following all the aspects of finding and recruiting the European teams. Follow the points, and you will land your potential European IT developer.