Edward Beale McLean Jr.: A Legacy of Family, Wealth, and Connections

Edward Beale McLean Jr., born on July 28, 1918, into a prominent and influential family, carved his own path while carrying forward a rich family legacy. As the son of Evalyn Walsh McLean and Edward Beale McLean, he was surrounded by wealth, privilege, and a network of esteemed family members. This article delves into the life of Edward Beale McLean Jr., exploring his upbringing, family connections, marriages, and the impact he left behind.

Childhood and Family Connections

Edward Beale McLean Jr. was born into a family deeply entrenched in power and influence. His parents, Evalyn Walsh McLean and Edward Beale McLean, were well-known figures in high society, with extensive connections and significant wealth. Evalyn Walsh McLean, his mother, was the heiress to the Walsh-McLean fortune, amassed through her father Thomas Walsh’s successful mining ventures.

Edward Beale McLean Jr. grew up alongside his siblings, including his sister Evalyn Washington McLean and brothers Vinson Walsh McLean and John Roll II. Their family tree extended further, revealing a lineage of notable ancestors. Among them were Edward Fitzgerald Beale, a diplomat and former United States Minister to Austria, and Emily Truxtun Beale, who partnered with John R. McLean, Edward Beale McLean Jr.’s grandfather.

Marriages and Children

Throughout his life, Edward Beale McLean Jr. entered into three marriages. His first marriage was to Ann Carroll Meem in 1938, followed by Gloria Hatrick McLean in 1943, and Manuela Hudson in 1948. His union with Gloria Hatrick McLean was relatively brief, lasting from 1943 to 1948. The marriage to Manuela Hudson endured until 1973. From these marriages, he had two children, Ronald Stewart and Michael Stewart.

Family Legacy and Impact

Edward Beale McLean Jr.’s family played significant roles in various domains, leaving a lasting impact on society. Evalyn Walsh McLean, his mother, was widely known as the owner of the Hope Diamond, a legendary gem with a captivating history. She was a prominent figure in Washington, D.C., and her extravagant lifestyle and social influence attracted attention and fascination.

Beyond his immediate family, Edward Beale McLean Jr. was connected to influential relatives. His great-grandfather, Edward Fitzgerald Beale, held notable political appointments and played a role in shaping U.S. history. The Beale family’s contributions and connections extended to other accomplished figures, such as Evalyn Walsh McLean’s parents, Thomas Walsh and Carrie Bell Reed.

Continuing the Legacy

Edward Beale McLean Jr. carried forward his family’s legacy and established his own path in life. While his life may not have been as publicly documented as some of his family members, his connections and experiences undoubtedly shaped his worldview and opportunities.

As time progresses and generations change, the legacy of Edward Beale McLean Jr. continues through his children and grandchildren. Their lives and endeavors serve as a testament to the enduring impact of the McLean family and their contributions to society.


Edward Beale McLean Jr. lived a life intertwined with wealth, family connections, and a rich family history. His upbringing and family connections provided him with unique opportunities and resources. Although less publicly recognized than some of his family members, his life played a part in the ongoing legacy of the McLean family. Through his children and grandchildren, the impact of Edward Beale McLean Jr. lives on, representing the enduring influence of a remarkable lineage.