Energy Saving Tips to Heat and Cool Your House in California

Maintaining the proper temperature inside your home is important to give the convenience you need and keep you away from getting sick due to sudden changes in the temperature. However heaters and coolers consume a lot of energy, shifting to solar energy usage can help you meet the temperature you need without spending too much. Solar panel companies in California are continuously offering their services to whoever wants to shift to solar energy usage. Solar energy can be a perfect way to maintain the tem[peratire you need without costing you too much compared to when you use a non-renewable source for your power.

Energy Saving Tips to Cool Your Home

Most of the days in California are warm and people are using their aircon to keep down the heat, even if it’s costing them much. However, here are some tips you can use to avoid having a high energy consumption.

Use Your Fans

Instead of using your air conditioner all the time try using your fans. Ceiling fans, box fans, or any other kind will do as long as they can serve their purpose. Fans can decrease the temperature in a room by 4 degrees celsius and the good thing about a fan is it can cover more rooms as long as you leave the doors of both rooms open so they can share the coolness of the fan.

Open Your Windows

Take advantage of the windows you have especially if you have more than the better. The air that you get from outside can be fresher compared to when you use the air conditioner. Enjoy your fresh air while inside your home by keeping those windows open. Make sure to have opposite windows open so the air can have an entrance and an exit.

Seal Leaks

Sealing leaks from air ducts can help you contain the coolness from your aircon and leaks can make you consume more since the air can exit from the leaks. Asking for professionals to do the sealing for you in your home can be better since they have the right materials and tools.

Energy Saving Tips to Heat Your Home

During cold seasons keeping your home warm is essential to avoid getting cold or flu and make your home more comfortable. Here are some things you can do to keep your home warm and save energy as well.

Use your fireplace

If you have an indoor fireplace then use them to keep your home warm. Fireplaces can be old-fashioned but they are effective in getting the warmth you need during the cold season. Lighting up the fireplace requires extra work, compared to turning up your heater. But take note that it can save you a lot of bucks since you don’t need to consume a lot of power to keep your house warm. If you ever choose to invest in a fireplace, consider the Buck Stove Model 91. This model includes a factory-installed blower, a high-efficiency heat exchanger, an ash removal tray, and an oversized glass door with an air wash system. It also has a catalytic converter that improves efficiency, reduces pollution, and saves time and money by using less wood compared to a noncatalytic wood stove.

Control your thermostat

If you are away or sleeping you can yarn down your thermostat or turn it off. This way you can conserve energy for some hours. You can also use the programmable thermostat so you can program them based on your routine so you won’t forget to turn them off.

Install solar panels

Solar Panels can be the best solution to warm your home without spending much. Since solar panels can collect enough energy that can be used to power up your heaters and not worry about skyrocketing bills after using your heater frequently. Solar panels are a good investment to keep getting the right temperature for your home all year round. You can save a lot once you use solar energy to power up your heaters.

Use these energy-saving tips to heat and cool your house in California and see how much you can save. Making your home comfortable as you want can cost you more, so learn how to save by following the energy-saving tips. Also, consider getting solar panel installation since this can be a good investment in cutting your bills up to 100% depending on the solar panels you will be investing in. Everyone wants to have a comfortable home and be able to get the right temperature every time the season changes and this will cost you less if you shift to solar energy usage.