Environmental concerns

Environmental concerns are more important to this year’s graduating class than ever before

Back in the day, high school and college graduates were mostly focused on enjoying their upcoming summer of freedom and fun before either moving onto college or entering the real world!

Instead, the class of 2021 is more focused on the dire future that may face the planet Earth if major changes are not made at the global level.

The Graduating Class of 2021 is one of the most passionate, educated and determined classes when it comes to making real changes that will help save the planet and all the living things that call it home.

Here are some of the major challenges facing Earth right now, and some of the changes that will have to be made if we want to make sure that our planet remains safe and healthy for many millennia to come.

Global Warming

One of the biggest challenges facing environmentalists today is the threats related to global warming. The earth has been steadily heating up for much of the last century and while it may seem unnoticeable to us, it is already wreaking havoc on ecosystems all over the world.

Global Warming

From warming sea temperatures hurt coral reefs and crucial species of animals, to droughts leading to the deaths of countless animals and people every year, global warming is very real. It will not stop until renewable energy is harnessed and people agree to make major changes in their life.


Remember last year when everyone on Instagram was worried about the historic fires that were taking place in Australia and the Amazon Forest? Not only is it crucial to know that those fires were – partially – due to global warming, but it is also important to know that fires like that have been happening for decades.

One of the prime reasons why these fires occur is because of natural and man-made deforestation. This is the process in which old-growth forests are destroyed, either to be used as lumber or to make way for agricultural needs. Deforestation leads to the deaths and extinction of beautiful and unique animals in the world and will ultimately lead to a dangerous reduction in healthy oxygen in the Earth’s atmosphere. Of course, the reason why is because trees are one of the major creators of oxygen on earth.

Plastic Pollution

Finally, a major issue that is facing the land and bodies of water that make up the planet Earth is plastic pollution. Plastic can take 20 to 500 millions years to biodegrade, which means that all of the plastic we have ever used remains in the planet.

This is making its way into our natural lands, the most remote parts of the oceans and even the inside of our bodies and the bodies of animals in the world. This, just like all the other challenges, are wreaking havoc on planet earth. They’re just a few of the reasons why the graduating class of 2021 is going to have to work so hard.