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Evangelion 4.0: Release Date, Cast, Plot, Crew and Latest Updates

Japanese anime shows have been very popular among the audience. One big example is Evangelion. The production and direction of this anime TV show have been done by Gainex and Hideaki. The animation is done by Tatsunoko. Evangelion was first broadcasted on the TV Tokyo network during the 90s. It aired between October and March. 

The story of Evangelion is set after a large-scale violent event in the world, especially in the city of Tokyo. The main character in this anime show is Shinji, a young boy who got selected by his father Gendo to a very shady place called Nerv. The main motive for his recruitment was to handle Evangelion, a large bio-machine to fight against ‘Angels’. 

The anime series Evangelion shows all the adventures and emotions of pilots of this big machine and Nerv members in intercepting the attempts of Angels from causing more destruction. During the process, they are being explained about the purposes for human activity and knowing the actual cause of the events. 

Even though this anime show has garnered a good response from the audience, it also got dragged into the controversy. The last two episodes of Evangelion had something which appeared controversial. The producer and director of this anime show even launched a movie called The End of Evangelion. In this feature film, the ending was shown differently. 

Evangelion gained tremendous popularity via its manga comics, movie, and other merchandise products that garnered big sales in the Japanese markets as well as overseas. By 2007, it made a good sale of around 150 billion yen. In the following year, the Evangelion Pachinko machines were sold for more than 600 billion yen.

Recently, the second trailer of Evangelion got released. It did pile up interest among its anime fans. But now the question is will the movie based on it make its way amid the ongoing pandemic situation? Well, it is nothing new to think about. Most of the shows and shooting of the films have been delayed because of the COVID-19 scenario. 

And now the same has happened with the anime Evangelion 4.0. Let us explore more about it, and find out whether there is any possibility of this movie hitting the screen in 2021 or do we have to wait for more years. 

Show Details 

TV Series: Evangelion
Genre: Psychological drama, robot anime & science fiction
Directed by: Hideaki Anno
Produced by: Noriko Kobayashi & Yutaka Sugiyama
Place Of Origin: Japan
Written by:  Hideaki Anno
Original language: Japanese
Number of seasons: 1
Number of episodes: 26

Evangelion 4.0: Release Date

Story Plot

Six years ago, after the massive disaster that struck the whole world including Tokyo, a young boy called Shinji was recruited by his unfriendly father Gendo for the future of Tokyo city. He is the director of a semi-militarized force organization Nerv. Young Shinji discovers the battle between the forces of Angels and the United Nations. 

Angels are the gigantic evil beings whose emergence was forecasted by the ancient Jewish and Hebrew religious manuscripts. With the help of Evangelion, a bio-machine, it would help combat the evil attacks from Angels and prevent them from causing harm to the human race. 

When Shinji is appointed in the Nerv organization, an officer Misato hires him for the protection of Tokyo city. His father Gendo also builds up pressure on him to handle the big machine Evangelion Unit-01 in combating the evil Angel forces. Without even getting trained, Shinji battles with full force and paves Evangelion in crucifying the evil Angels. 

Later on, Shinji gets settled into Tokyo-3 with the Nerv officer Misato. In another battle, Shinji demolishes an Angel but leaves the battlefield afterward in a state of distress. Misato faces off with Shinjo but he chooses to stick to his role as a pilot. Now both Shinji and Nerv members have to coordinate in defeating the remaining evil Angels around 14 before they bring any new global disaster to the whole world. 

They have to prevent the Third Impact at any cost to save the human race. During his journey to combat the evil Angel force, Shinji meets other characters like Rei Ayanami and Asuka Soryu who help him in defeating Angels. When he becomes confident about his new piloting role, Shinjo becomes a self-confident warrior. One of the characters he comes across in his life includes a super-intelligent teenager Asuka.
Shinji & Asuka 

Soon both Shinji and Asuka develop a bond with each other. But both are confused in expressing their feelings. On being provoked, Shinji kisses Asuka. There comes a time when she falls into depression and loses self-confidence following a defeat. It gets worse during a battle with an Angel, where she loses her mental state of mind. To know more about the story better watch the anime show Evangelion and explore the characters and their further adventures. 

Evangelion 4.0: Coming Or Delayed?

We all are aware of the ongoing risk of global pandemic coronavirus. It has become a spoilsport for many projects derailment be it television shows or films. It has left viewers waiting to expect any new updates of the release of any shows or movies. Now take the case of Evangelion 4.0. The project has also been delayed due to the pandemic situation. 

Evangelion 4.0 was supposed to be released in 2015, but it did not happen following the production issues. So it is indeed bad news for the anime lovers who now have to wait for more years. Till now, there has been no official confirmation made by the makers regarding its expected release date.

Expected Story Plot of Evangelion 4.0

In the earlier story plot of Evangelion, we see too much violence due to the mainstream character Shinji. However, there will be a war element in the future scenario also. Gendo, the director of the Nerv organization and the estranged father of Shinjo, will appoint the latter to take the lead of Evangelion Unit 13. Just like there was lots of action in the previous episodes of Evangelion, the same is expected in the upcoming Evangelion 4.0. 

Evangelion 4.0 Date Of Release

It is expected that the release date of Evangelion 4.0 might take place by the end of the current year 2021. Till now, there have been two trailer releases to keep the viewers enthusiastic. So let us see whether it happens to be true. Till then keep your fingers crossed and wait for any new update.