Everything About Pest Proofing Your Garden

Everything About Pest Proofing Your Garden

Is your garden the only place in your home that all of your family members and you love to spend time in? Yes, the serene green lawn and plants in your garden make your mind feel very soothing, and your kids and pet dogs can have their best time here. But what if you have intruders who could ruin your peace and make your garden their living place?

Yes, this is possible when you have pests visiting your garden and making it their place to live in. They breed in your place, multiply, and will soon enter your homes from the garden. Here is the complete guide about how you could be pest-proofing your garden and keeping it free of all sorts of pests.

What kind of pests could you find in your garden:

The roots to the pest problems you might probably be facing must begin with what kind of pests could be living in your outdoor space. Since your garden is an outdoor area, the list would be too long. Along with all of the worms and other tiny beings, here are some common pests that could be the most troublesome ones.

  1. Rodents – Never had an encounter with a rat in your garden? You probably must not be giving a clean watch. The most common pests found in the outdoor spaces that can probably give you a heart attack are rats and mice. These pests can anytime sneak into your house from your garden or even dig your building’s strong walls from the outside to make their burrow.
  2. Mosquitoes – Mosquitoes love stagnant water, and the only places at your homes that could probably have undisturbed stagnant water are your gardens and bathrooms. There is a scientific study that tells us about the majority of male mosquitoes breeding in the outdoor spaces. Food for it? It could be the blood of you, your kid or even your dog who visits the garden.
  3. Bees – Are you attracted to all the beautiful flowers in your garden? Well, the bees are too. The more you grow flowers in your outdoor space, the higher the chance of having bees. Having a bee sucking out nectar from the flowers is still okay unless you do not have a swarm of bees building a beehive on the walls of your home.
  4. Wasps – Apart from bees, wasps are another troublemaker pests that could use your home’s outdoor wall to build their homes. Always remember that wasps fear nothing, not even the mosquito killer bat that you try to shoo them away with. They are quick, powerful, and your dogs hate them.
  5. Roaches – Roaches only in your kitchen and bathrooms? Nah! Most of the roaches are found outdoors. Roaches are omnivores and are scavengers who love to feed on all the fallen leaves and even on the other worms and bugs found in your garden. In no time, they can build their army to barge into your home too.
  6. Ticks – If you ever think that ticks live on your dogs, find out here. Ticks do not live on dogs. Instead, they live on the lawn, in holes and cracks, and even inside the kennel of your dog that is built inside your garden. Your dog and even you can be the sources of food they cling to when hungry. They are too small to be seen hidden in your garden, but remember that they are multiplying at a very quick rate.
  7. Spiders – No garden goes incomplete without spiders. You can consider them not to be pests unless you either do not get tired of clearing their cobwebs or until you do not spot a poisonous spider in your space. Cobwebs are not homes of spiders. They are the traps that they lay to catch other insects. You can find them hiding in the tiny cracks in the trees of your garden and even inside your home.
  8. Raccoons – Raccoons could be both pests and pest killers. You will find them if you are staying in the countryside. These omnivores can be a boon if they are hunting down the rodents in your garden. They can be a pain in the throat if your small harvests in the garden attract them. Dealing with raccoons is a little easy as they are not so small pests.

pests could you find in your garden

What attracts your garden to pests:

A pest enters your space either by accident or when something in your garden or home attracts it. It will then decide to stay and play around if the place is comfortable. Here are a few blunders that could probably miss your eye and make your garden a comfort zone for your pests.

  1. Garbage bins – This could either be your backyard, balcony or your garden. Garbage bins, especially the open ones make it very attractive for the pests who are scavengers. This includes rats and mice, roaches and even some worms that feed on rotting wastes.
  2. Breeding atmosphere – Pests enter your garden if they feel that it could be a comfortable environment for them to breed and build an infestation. It can be the untrodden lawn, cracks and holes in your walls, and even the stagnant water areas. The availability of food and water can be another factor for them to choose your garden.
  3. Clutter – An open space has fewer pests when you compare it to a congested one. If you have a storeroom outside your house in your backyard, you will find most pests having their hideouts in such places. They can be extremely annoying and hard for you to find their existence until they multiply in large numbers and there is nothing you can do about it.
  4. Other Bugs And Plants – You would have read that the peels of cucumber and other veggies, when discarded near growing plants in your gardens would rot and become manure to the plants. The same peel could attract scavengers like rodents and other beetles and bugs into your garden. This could be one of the most easily accessible foods for them and they would soon become residents from visitors.

How the existence of pests could be troublesome:

You may breathe in peace because these garden pests are still outdoor and not indoor. Always remember that a second or a blink of negligence can make them enter your house. Besides this, having pests in your garden is annoying and dangerous too. Here is what you would be facing when you have pests at home.

  1. Much more litter – Having pests in your garden adds on to more litter. Their dropping and even the other mess they make can be very annoying for you to clean and clear.
  2. More pests – Pests like rodents and mice come searching for other food, which can be the tiny bugs and other pests. With tiny pests in your garden that you ignore, you can make way for bigger pests to come inside too.
  3. Staunch smell – With pests in your garden, you will no longer get to have the freshness in the air. The staunch smell of their poop and urine will make it quite uncomfortable for you to sit at peace in the garden.
  4. The spread of infections – Most of the pests like mosquitoes, flies, roaches and the rodents are carriers of infectious microorganisms. This can make you fall prey to deadly diseases that make you feel devastated.
  5. Dangerous to kids and dogs – Kids and your dogs can fall prey to infections and diseases because of the pests. What’s worse is stinging and biting of these pests. Rats do not mind giving your dog or kid a very painful bite and bees in your garden can sting your little ones anytime. These can be dangerous to your little ones.

The right pest control hacks to keep the pesky pests away:

Never have a pest-friendly garden that makes any pest feel comfortable. Having a pest-free garden is no longer rocket science. All that you need to do is to follow some simple tricks. Read about them here and have a pest-free outdoor space.

  1. Start from decluttering – It can be any outdoor area of your home. A pest infestation begins when there is clutter to make it easy for them to be hiding. Discard away all the unwanted clutter and waste materials so that your garden will be spacious. Remove the rotting plants and all the tins and scraps if you have left any.
  2. Discard garbage in closed bins – Keeping garbage bins outside is okay, but make sure you use closed garbage bins that do not make way for any pests to enter. Closed bins will prevent the staunch smell of garbage from making your garden stink and attract more pests. The rats will leave as the garbage will be out of reach.
  3. Trim your lawn – Most of the bugs and worms along with ticks and other insects will use your lawn grace to hide, lay their eggs and build their nests. Long grass on the lawn is an extra advantage for them. You need to make sure that the lawn grass is neatly trimmed so that most of the insects and pests will stop using it to make an infestation. Short grass will make it easy for you to spot pests and get rid of them.
  4. Close all cracks and holes – the safe sheltered for the pests in your garden could be the tiny holes in the walls and cracks in the window panes. Some pests like the rats and mice will also make burrows in the ground and live inside these holes or even use it as their hideouts. Seal such holes with white cement and make sure you close all the burrows too.
  5. Use a good pest repellent – You will find a lot of pest control hacks and ideas for your home, but the same might not work for your gardens. You can use a good pest repellent that is natural and safe and even weather-resistant. Avoid harmful pest control methods such as spraying synthetic insecticides and pest control products. They could be dangerous to your plants, to you and to your pet dogs and cats too.

What you need to look for in a pest control product for gardens.

Getting a pest control product for your garden is possible. If you are planning to buy one, make sure you have this checklist.

  1. Remember that a pest repellent product is always better than a pest killer product.
  2. Choose a pest control product that has a natural composition.
  3. Make sure that you are not allergic to any of the ingredients of the spray.
  4. Use a spray that is long-lasting because it is for outdoor purposes.
  5. Get something that is weather resistant.
  6. Instead of sprays, opt for pest repellent granules or pouches. They last quite longer.
  7. Use the pest control products effectively and religiously so that all the pests will go away.

This is your guide to have a garden and apparently your home free of pests. Follow all the hacks and you will have all the pests out of your outdoor space in no time.

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