About Men Bracelets

Everything You Need to Know About Men Bracelets

Men and bracelets!!! A lot of people shy away from it as they consider jewellery to be only for women. Well let me tell you, bracelets are not new to men’s fashion, rather it is far far from this. Historically speaking many warriors across various cultures wore armbands as armors to protect themselves. The kings and their soldiers also wore armbands on their wrists as well. These armbands later evolved into bracelets that we see today.

In Fact it is also true that men have been wearing bracelets for centuries. Prehistoric men adorned their wrists with various ornaments made of bones, wood, shells, etc. to ward off evil spirits. Back in the days men from royalty used to wear bracelets to display their power and status. Bracelets have evolved over time from good luck charms to status symbols to the modern fashion accessory used by men nowadays.

Bracelets just like watches can be worn daily and it is one of the most sought after accessories for men. Some are dressier and tend to suit more formal occasions while some are minimal that can go with any outfit of your choice. There are a variety of materials which are used for making bracelets and can be chosen from including sterling silver, gold, platinum, leather, stainless steel, copper, brass, etc. Popular as a versatile accessory, bracelets are often regarded as a reflection of one’s personality.

Why choose men’s bracelets?

Well there are a few reasons but being affordable tops the list. Sterling silver men’s bracelets are very much budget friendly as compared to the designs crafted in gold and platinum. Plus silver bracelets are in trend these days, wherever you turn your head you spot a person wearing one. Silver bracelets have even gained popularity among celebrities like Jay Z, Chris Hemsworth, Mark Walhberg and many other sports stars.

Miorah’s men’s bracelets

Sterling silver bracelets are not only classic and chic, they are a perfect choice for men. Whether you are looking for one to wear to the office everyday or a statement piece for special occasions, look no further than Miorah’s collection of sterling silver. Our online men’s sterling silver bracelet collection features the hottest styles at budget friendly prices.

Be it simple and plain sterling silver bracelets or gemstone bracelets with beautiful and eye-catching charms. We also have designs in diamond and gold bracelets and imitation jewellery bracelets. Miorah offers an abundance of choices in men’s bracelets which are sure to mesmerise you.

Here’s a peak on our collection:

  • Leather Men’s Bracelet: A leather bracelet answers the question that “aren’t bracelets just for girls?” A rich brown or black leather bracelet wraps around your wrist with refined masculinity. Furthermore, if you want to wear several bracelets for a stylish look, a leather bracelet serves as a great anchor piece for other bracelet pieces. Miorah’s leather bracelets offer a great many designs with many charms and engraved words that will definitely bestow you with a statement look.
  • Sterling Silver Men’s Bracelet: Miorah’s Men’s silver bracelets showcase a fusion of traditional and modern designs that are at par from other sites. Be it sleek designs or thick link chain designs, we have something for everyone.
  • Gemstone Men’s Bracelet: Gemstone bracelets are the category of men’s bracelets which not only bestow a stylish look but have many great health benefits as well. Each and every gemstone has a certain kind of energy inside them. For eg- Amethyst bracelets will help the wearer to get rid of negative thoughts and increase positivity. Likewise Tiger eye bracelets will help you release fear and anxiety issues and help you in making important decisions. Miorah’s gemstone men’s bracelets are perfect adornments and also a great gift for people you care about.
  • Gold & Diamond Men’s Bracelet: Miorah offers a plethora of choices in gold and diamond bracelets. Our gold & diamond designs are crafted with extreme precision and by expert craftsmen to present you with pieces that can be styled with every outfit and every occasion.
  • Men’s Cuff Bracelets: If you are into designs which wrap around your wrist fully, Miorah also offers a wide range of cuff bracelets. Our selection of cuff bracelets are unique and trendy. You can wear it solo or stack it up with more styles. Metal cuff bracelets can make any outfit pop. Men’s cuff bracelets are best suited for casual events although you also style it with your formal outfits if they are thin.

Tips for styling men’s bracelets

There are loads of ways to style sterling silver bracelets, here are some:

  • Layering

You can pair your sterling silver bracelet with a woven leather bracelet. While the sterling silver piece adds sophistication, the woven piece adds texture to your look. A watch brings it all together. It is also advisable that if you want to layer bracelets, one should never go with thick pieces. Instead layering thin co-ordinated bracelets make a more of a style statement.

  • With professionalism

Men’s sterling silver bracelets are distinctly sophisticated and professional looking. That is one of the reasons that it works as a great accessory for business and formal attire. Wear them to your office or your next dinner party, silver bracelets are a great accent to your outfit. You can always choose a broad single bracelet for a masculine and bold look. Also you should keep it simple for these occasions, one is enough for formal settings.

  • Under the sleeves

When you are wearing long sleeves, such as sweaters, suits, shirts, bracelets can be worn the same as watches, under the sleeves. While it may seem like it defeats the purpose of wearing a bracelet, your sleeves will only cover when your hands are straight. And a bracelet’s job is to accent your outfit!

  • With casual looks

While silver bracelets look great with formal outfits, they also work with casual looks too! You can rock your silver bracelets with blazers and leather jackets. Men can also pull them off with short sleeves during summers. A corded or chain linked pattern silver bracelet is always a good choice to pair it with your casual outfits.