Dog Clothes In Australia

Factors to Consider When Looking for Dog Clothes In Australia

Australia is the only country on Earth that encompasses a whole continent, and it’s among the largest countries in the world. Over the past few months, Australians have displayed an outpour of interest in bringing dogs into their lives. The adoption rates have surged with a staggering 6.2 million searches in the first six months of 2020. This number proves that Australians love dogs.

If you’ve already adopted one, it’s incredibly fun to play dress-up with your dog. Although, apart from letting you show-off your furry friend in their cutest fashion style, dog clothes from an Australian Pet Boutique offer a few practical functions.

Knowing how to select the best clothing for your dog is the key to learning its purpose. Meaning, it goes beyond novelty costumes to choose reasonable dog outfits that offer safety, comfort, and warmth. As you shop for dog clothes of your choice, make sure to keep these following factors in mind to cop the most comfortable yet trendy outfit for your best buddy.

Make and Quality

Select dog clothing that’s made out of breathable and soft fabric, such as premium cotton blend. If you want to purchase dog raincoats at your favourite Australian Pet Boutique, ensure to get one that’s made out of durable, waterproof, and light material. Moreover, how it’s made is just as vital as the materials used. Usually, details like buttons and seams are great indicators of great manufacturing. When there are other printed designs, ensure that it is machine pressed. If not, it could fade or peel quickly.

Easy to Wear

Getting your dogs to wear apparel pieces is not always easy. Hence, when you have to dress them up, you need to buy dog apparel that can easily be put on and removed. Otherwise, it can be a major struggle to deal with. Moreover, consider how their clothes would affect their harness or collar, and what makes it hard for them to walk properly. Ultimately, opt for dog clothes that can be washed easily. It’s even better if it is safe to throw them in the washing machine.

Properly Fitted Dog Outfit

Getting the right fit for dog outfits involves more than just them being able to be worn. Rather, every part of the apparel should fit like a glove. Or else, your dog will wind up nipping, pawing or even squirming at the clothes. Moreover, make sure not to choose dog apparel that does not go beyond the waist. If you do this, they can always be soiled every time they need to do their business.

Types of Dog Clothes

The type of clothing you purchase for your dogs will greatly depend on what type of dog you own and the purpose you would like the clothes to serve for them. For instance, short-coated breeds like Frenchies and Pugs have difficulty making themselves warm. So, they may more likely benefit from getting dog hoodies or even dog coats, especially during winter seasons.


There are several reasons why dogs need to wear clothing. Though, several fur parents would agree that you do not need to have any reason at all to dress up your dogs. However, you can ensure that you’re spending your money on the right and appropriate clothing that’s not only stylish but also serves its purpose for your dog.