Fairy Tail Cast
Fairy Tail Cast

Fairy Tail Season 10: Release, Plot, Cast, and Updates

Fans of animation have a better understanding of the Fairy Tail. It is an animation series of the manga written by Hiro Mashima, who is also the illustrator.  Since its first publication in 2006, there has been a release of volumes, with its last getting published on 2017 July 11 years after.

In 2009 viewers had the first experience of the first season.  After that, there has been a release of 9 more seasons, with the last airing in September 2019. Since then, viewers are waiting for the release of season 10.

The 9th season featured 2 stories, with the first seven episodes having a continuation of the Avatar arc. In the volumes, it features in the 49th to 51st volumes of the novel.  The other 44 episodes are from Alvarez Arc, which is generally picked from the last chapter of the 51st volume.

What makes the 9th season awesome is the final battle between the Natsu and Zeref and Acnologia. It was an amazing story that left viewers tuned for the 10th season. It seems the waiting has been too much, considering that the volumes were all covered. So, when will season 10 release?

Release of Fairy Tail Season 10

Fairy Tail Season 10
Fairy Tail Season 10

The 9th season was released in 2018, October 7, and aired until 2019, September 29. In France, Netflix viewers began to enjoy the 9th season on September 1, 2020. 

Having the whole story covered, there is no hope for season 10. However, Hiro Mashima, who was the animation series creator, is working on some write-ups. There is, therefore, hope that there shall be a continuation of the sequel. We should soon be having the Fairy Tail: 100 Years of Quest.

In Netflix, the show is canceled until when the creators decide to relaunch the show. It is therefore clear that there won’t be a season on Netflix. However, there is an expectation of a continuation with another sequel so stay tuned.

The plot of Fairy Tail Season 10

The plot of the whole animation is purely fictional, with an awesome fantasy of the creative imaginations of Hiro Mashima. You will be amazed by displaying some events of mixed characters doing their stuff with magic powers.

A team of lead characters such as Natsu, Lucy, Gray, and Ezra embarking on specific and various missions in the story. Overcoming demons and criminals is what they do best with their magic powers. Natsu starts up the story with a search in finding her father in the kingdom of Flore. 

As Natsu seeks to find her father, she meets wizards with whom she becomes friends. The first wizard friend is Lucy Heartfilia. More creatures join Natsu in trying to fulfill her quest, and many other wizards do so too. They, therefore, become a huge family to fight dark guilds and criminals.

The whole effort of doing this ends up finding Natsu’s father, Zeref, on Sirius’s islands. Sirius Island is the sacred ground of the Fairy Tale. Unfortunately, Acnologia, who is an evil dragon, gets them, but they manage to survive. 

However, Acnologia still kills both Natsu’s and Guild’s father leaving Natsu a spectator. Interestingly, there is a revenge strategy that the wizards and Natsu regarding the death of his father. The adventures continue making the show lovelier to watch. 

In the next sequels, we expect such adventures to continue. A similar genre of the story with the same actors will make the viewing lovelier.

The cast of Fairy Tail Season 10

Fairy Tail Cast
Fairy Tail Cast

Previous seasons had lots of entertainment, with viewers enjoying the various characters with different play sections. A mixture of both antagonist and protagonist was involved in making the show awesome. It is expected that if the other sequels are released, all the participants will have a part to play in the show.

The main characters include Natsu Dragneel, who was the main protagonist in the show. She has always been strong when caught up—Lucy Heartfilia, who makes another powerful protagonist who calls celestial spirits as a wizard.

Happy is a powerful cat that has flying superpowers with the ability to carry a single person. Another one is Gray Fullbuster, a wizard who transforms ice into any weapon. Ezra Scarlet, who also goes by the name Titania is a notorious wizard who makes a childish team member.

Others include Wendy Marvell, the dragon, and Carla, who has no difference from happy. In the event of another show, the characters are likely to appear again.

Season 10 updates

The series has become very famous because of its performance. So far, there are no updates about season 10. In case of any, stay tuned as we shall ensure we update you.


Hiro Mashima is an excellent creator, especially with the Fairy Tail series. Unfortunately, season 9 could have marked the end of the series. An encouraging message, however, is that a new show is in the course of preparation. Stay in touch, as we shall update.