Few Things Every Pod Coffee Machine Owner Should Know

Few Things Every Pod Coffee Machine Owner Should Know

Owning a coffee pod machine is a good way to reduce your daily coffee budget. It is a rewarding experience to enjoy homemade coffee, and that makes the investment in the best pod coffee machine worthwhile.

Either you’re on the verge of putting down the bill for a new pod coffee machine, or you already own one, there are tips you should know. It takes a great deal of consideration to picking the best coffee pod machine. To keep having the best of your pod coffee machine, these are the 7 essential things you should know.

7 Things Every Coffee Pod Machine Owner Should Know

Always Prime Your Pod Coffee Machine

Before you make your favorite coffee cup every morning, make sure to prime the machine. Priming the machine and the mug makes the coffee better in taste. It also keeps the coffee warm for longer. For an oven, it is called preheating while it is priming for a pod coffee machine.

These are three simple steps to follow to prime your coffee machine.

  1. Place the mug or cup under the machine just like when you want to make a cup of coffee. We recommend a delicious cup of Kona coffee. It’s our favorite coffee and it comes from the islands of Hawaii.
  2. Pour fresh water into the machine and hit the start button. You can select the lungo or espresso option.
  3. Wait for the water to come out; once it stops, the priming is complete.

After priming, you can put it in your pod and brew your nice cup of coffee.

Use Fresh Water for Your Pod Machine

Maintenance is an important thing for any appliance, not just a coffee machine. The best pod coffee machine requires fresh or filtered water for its maintenance. Buildup can happen in the machine interior is clean, and freshwater is not used regularly.

Asides from the maintenance, the water used also affects the coffee taste. Coffee contains a huge proportion of water. Tap water can make your coffee taste stale. With filtered or freshwater, you have an awesome coffee taste and a well-maintained machine.

Descale Regularly

The descaling standard for your coffee pod machine is at least once every month. Continuous usage of the machine causes mineral buildup in the internal components of the machine. These buildups can form around the boiler, water lines, and heating elements.

The buildup can affect your coffee taste or reduce the efficiency of your machine. To descale, you should run a solution of water and a descaling agent through the machine. This is followed by flushing the solution out with clean water. Descale can be done more regularly depending on the frequency of usage.

Properly Insert and Remove Pods

The coffee pod or capsule is a necessary part of the coffee pod machine. Inserting the coffee pod correctly will allow for proper brewing and extraction. The coffee machine will be able to puncture the pod to produce a well-brewed coffee.

Proper removal and insertion of the coffee pod preserve the machine against damage. Also, it will prevent spills and leakages of coffee. Spills and leaks can make cleaning the coffee maker hard and stressful.

Use Appropriate Pods

Each pod Coffee machine has specific types of pods or capsules that are compatible with it. The right pods must be used with your machine to keep it functioning well. When you purchase a new set of pods, ensure to check the suitability of your machine.

The right capsule will aid the machine to brew correctly. Also, it will prevent damage and unnecessary leakages and spills while the pod is extracted. It is good to buy your pods well in time to avoid emergency needs. This way, you will avoid having to try a pod that is not compatible.

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the coffee machine ensures that the quality of the cup produced is maintained. There can be a buildup of microorganisms which can pose a health risk. The lifespan of the machine can also be cut short if regular cleaning is not prioritized. Keep the coffee maker clean for continuous delivery of tasteful cups of coffee and a prolonged life span. Take note that cleaning is different from descaling.

Ensure the Pod Machine has the Right Settings

Most of the best pod coffee machines have two main settings. One is for espresso and the other for lungo. These two types of coffee drinks come with their pods. The important tip here is to keep to the right setting for the inserted pod type. When you put the espresso pod, make use of the espresso settings and vice-versa. Using the wrong setting will produce a coffee drink that is inferior in quality. It can also expose your machine to damage.

Final Tip

Your pod coffee machine requires care and maintenance. Ensure you read the user manual included in the product pack. It will give you more details about any specific care that your coffee maker requires. Generally, these 7 tips are what you need to keep your machine running well. With them, you are assured of great coffee cups and a machine that lasts.