Free Overwatch Accounts With Working Passwords

Since the development of digital gaming systems, people have wanted to join the online world to compete with other players. With various genres of games, we love to join others and test our skills. We try to establish a name that others won’t forget. 

There are a lot of online games that offer you a first-person shooter multiplayer experience. You get to choose a character and go into the battlefield together with other players and show your skills. 

As the art of mastering the peak of your skills at its best, we challenge ourselves to push beyond our limits and fight in an arena that defines ourselves.

Maybe we wanted to be the MVP of a certain game and join the leaderboards worldwide, or be the best support in all aspects around the globe.

What is Overwatch?

Made and developed by Blizzard Entertainment in May 2016 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows, and for Nintendo Switch in 2019, Overwatch is a team-based multiplayer first-person shooter.

What is Overwatch

Known as the “hero shooter”, it gives you the opportunity to control your own hero and have the experience of being on the battlefield handling your weapon right in front of your screen.

With teams of six, each player gets to choose over 30 characters with different weapons and skills known as “heroes” which is subdivided into three different roles.

Each team is tasked to defend their control points or secure the transport of their payload within the allotted time. Players get to win rewards like character skins or victory poses which makes it more exciting.

With casual play as the pioneer gaming mode, Overwatch has added a ranked mode to display each player status that makes it more interesting. With this, each player will strive hard to increase his level and show their friends how much they have achieved.

They also have arcade mode to give you the option of experiencing another way of playing and a customizable server mode which allows you to play with others with your own set of rules.

With three major classes for more than two dozens of heroes, damage dealers primarily attack control points, tank heroes defend and are made as bait in order for damage dealers to push through, and support heroes that give team buffs and healing skills to others.

With each player, one can change their heroes during the game in order to adjust and adapt to any situation which is the ultimate purpose of the game.

However, obtaining an account for Overwatch is not for free. You need $39.99 to buy for the normal version and $59.99 to obtain the Legendary Edition. Due to its popularity, players worldwide won’t hesitate to buy one, but not everybody has the capacity to do so.

Hence, we give you these methods of obtaining a free, working account for Overwatch.

Battle.net App

Only a few know that Blizzard Entertainment’s Battle.net app will give you the chance to play Overwatch on your PC for free. All you need to do is to keep yourself posted on forums about obtaining free access to Overwatch using Battle.net and know when it’s free to play.

Battle.net App

All you have to do is open Overwatch’s official web page on your launcher and sign-up for a Blizzard account using your preferred username details or Facebook. Afterward, download the Battle.net app and log-in using your Blizzard account. 

Go to the Battle.net app icon and look for its file location. Hold your shift key and right-click on your desktop and hit open command windows. With the command windows, copy and paste the code: battle.net-game=prometheus=install. Wait for the pop-up notification and take your time until Windows is finished installing your Battle.net app. 

Once the process is complete, you are now ready to display your skills.

Earn cash using apps

Since Overwatch is not a free application, one thing you can do about being able to play it is by looking for cash without picking something out from your pocket. Yes, that means you will buy an account using money-generating applications online. 

Redeem points and gift card vouchers to obtain a free overwatch account online. 

You can visit the LifePoints website and do multiple tasks to earn redeemable points. Just create an account and participate in surveys and redeem points using PSN Code, Paypal, or other gift card apps. 

You may also try SurveyJunkie and participate in their survey tasks and earn gift cards. Each task varies from reading emails to playing games, or even just by searching the net. Use these gift cards to obtain a free Overwatch account.

Vindale Research allows you to earn money online by taking up surveys. Using your profit for each task, earn points, and use it to redeem gift cards through steam or Paypal. With your commission, you can save it and use it to buy an Overwatch account.

You can also check the web for other websites that offer cash by simply doing their required tasks.

Altering browser cookies

By altering your browser data, you can change your cookies and get a free Overwatch account. Simply open and clear your browser and download the EditThisCookie extension (works only for Chrome). Use the extension and paste the cookies of a paid version of the Overwatch account.

With these simple steps, you can now enjoy playing your own Overwatch account.

Functional Usernames and Passwords

If you feel like getting tired of following those steps above, you may try these functional usernames and passwords that we have specially gathered just for you:

senga000 0053411070
calwk calwkgod
Carldeosupnet  justdoit09z
BIrdt3n b12345678
amirgui20 especial600
J03M4M42@hotmail.com T4k34CL053RL00K1D10T
ga.fridman@012.net.il Yonatan5121
antikaren@gmail.com OKB0oMM3R
kungoocrein@gmail.com 0258147369kungo
ClashersforPfun@gmail.com clashersandbrawlers123


Using these steps on how to obtain an Overwatch account, you can now enjoy playing this first-person multiplayer game. The only way to get an Overwatch account is either by paying it with your cash or earning it the other way around.

Undoubtedly, everybody wants something for free and avoids spending resources out of their own pockets.

With these steps, you can now legitimately own an Overwatch account and showcase your skills with your friends online. Join the leaderboards and be top on this fun and exciting action-packed game.