Genius Plastic Drawer Storage Ideas for Car Mechanics

Genius Plastic Drawer Storage Ideas for Car Mechanics

Car mechanics have a lot to deal with every day. As well as ensuring vehicles are serviced in the correct manner car mechanics are also usually managing projects at the same time and enduring the strain of having to operate heavy equipment. It is thus crucial that all workshops stay organised in order to ensure health and safety and boost the satisfaction and productivity of employees. 

It is not difficult to organise a workshop and just a few genius plastic draw storage idea for car mechanics to clear up a lot of room and make everything more efficient. 

Plastic storage boxes

Plastic storage containers are perfect for clearing up clutter and ensuring that car mechanics can organise their gear. Plastic storage roller boxes come with roller wheels inbuilt and are able to be stacked, making them simple to move around and can be stacked neatly in order to increase the amount of storage space in a workshop when required. 

Plastic storage containers also come in bright colours, making it easy to make sure that important items that have been stored do not get lost. 

RS PRO 8 Drawer Storage Unit

Tool Boxes

Tool boxes have long been a popular method of storing tools for car mechanics and can be found in plastic as well as traditional metal varieties. The majority of tool boxes can be locked for extra peace of mind and security. 

Tall Cabinets

A tall, sturdy cabinet can be an excellent form of draw storage for car mechanics. Such cabinets help ensure that prized tools are kept secure and have adjustable shelves to suit individual requirements and look great in a workshop. 


Shelves come in a variety of different forms, and enable mechanics to find a place for everything. Shelf systems can be small and simple like a configurable shelf box or include much more genius ideas such as the likes of overhead plastic shelves that are actually mounted on ceilings. 

Items can be stored as they are on shelves or they may be organised with the assistance of labelled plastic bins.

Mounting plastic bins on walls

Labelled plastic bins for smaller parts are a great idea and can also be made even more efficient and space-saving by having them mounted on walls. A system of wall mounted shelves keeps the storage of smaller parts efficient and out of the way.

More plastic drawers

Rolling cabinets are ideal for use in a busy garage or workshop environment. They make instant genius plastic draw storage ideas for car mechanics and also look unobtrusive in such environments. Work surfaces can also be placed on top of them.  Look for areas in your workshop where a rolling tool cabinet could be placed.

Efficiency and productivity are crucial to car mechanics and being able to successfully store all of their relevant tools and parts in a safe and accessible manner is of crucial importance. This is why these genius plastic drawer storage ideas are so useful to car mechanics.