Learning Golf

Getting In the Game: Top 3 Simple Steps to Learning Golf

Did you know 24.9 million people played golf in 2020? Another 12.1 million people played in off-course golf games. These places include driving ranges, indoor simulators, and much more.

Are you interested in learning golf? Maybe you wanted to play with your dad growing up but never did. Well, now is your chance to learn how to play golf.

Put on your golfing shoes because in this article we’ll teach you three easy steps. Learning how to play golf isn’t as difficult as you think and, with our guide, you’ll definitely learn. Keep reading to find out 3 simple steps to learning golf.

1. Try Different Clubs

No one shows up to the course with one club in their hand. Most golfers bring at least two or three different clubs with them. You can bring a maximum of 14 clubs with you onto the golf course.

For beginners, you should probably bring around 9 or 10 clubs. Since you’re new to golf, you should try them out beforehand. Go to a driving range and ask to try out some of their clubs.

Try a 6-iron with a regular flex shaft. Then try one with a stiff flex shaft. See which one feels more natural to hold in your hands while swinging.

2. Pick the Right Ball

When you first start golfing, you may not realize it, but using the right ball makes all the difference. Golf balls usually come in sleeves of 12. If you haven’t played golf before, buy balls that cost around $20 dollars or so.

If you’re losing one or two sleeves per round, buy balls under $30 dollars. If you’re losing three to five balls, splurge for more expensive ones.

You may be having trouble choosing the right set of golf balls. So, if you have a golfing buddy, ask to try out a few of their golf balls. Golfing with a proper golf ball will help you shoot a better score during games.

Top 3 Simple Steps to Learning Golf

3. Learn Basic Shots

Do you know the difference between a chip and a pitch? Probably not, so that’s where we come in. Chip shots keep the ball low to the ground.

Use this when the ball doesn’t have to pass over an obstacle. Use a pitch when you need to get the ball over something or need to stop it.

Planning a Golf Tour

Once you’ve learned these steps, you’re on your way to learning golf. In some golf courses are now open. But entering the course during Covid comes with possible consequences.

It’s best to plan your gold trip after the pandemic ends. So, here’s how to plan a golf tour after COVID-19.

Learning Golf

Learning golf isn’t as difficult as you may think. You can learn with a buddy or by yourself. If you follow our simple steps, you’ll definitely learn how to play golf.

First, learning golf starts with the right club. Choosing the right club is key to playing a good game of golf. Remember you can only have 14 clubs on the course with you.

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