Glove and Mask Vending Machines in Mainstream Society, Is This the New Normal?

With the COVID-19 pandemic still on the rise, society has come to terms with the new normal and everyone is trying their best to survive. In order to keep themselves away from contracting the virus, gloves and face masks have become a necessity that everyone needs to have.

As everyone has been having a hard time getting these safety equipments, vending machines have now been used as a way to distribute them efficiently. Here we’ll discuss how this type of dispensary will become the new normal and how effective it is on preventing the spread of the disease.

The New Normal Due to the Coronavirus

The new normal that’s been created due to the coronavirus has become a huge problem in both society and the economy. With more than millions of people scared to go out of their homes due to the risk of being infected, the world economy has been on a decline with no signs of stopping.

Staying Safe During the Pandemic

In order to stay safe and avoid the risk of getting infected with COVID-19, social distancing, and community quarantines have been placed to prevent the spread of the disease. Guidelines have also been placed on how everyone should clean themselves in order to prevent themselves from getting infected.

Also, one of the most important things that everyone needs today is protective gear.

The Needed Protective Gear Against COVID-19

Protective gear such as gloves and masks have become a mandatory item that people need to wear if they want to go out. This is done in order for everyone to avoid getting in direct contact with the disease and to prevent it from spreading further.

The problem with this is that masks and gloves have become quite difficult to obtain especially for people who come from low-income backgrounds. In order for everyone to obtain these necessary types of equipment, vending machines have been used created to be used in order to dispense them.

Countries Now Supplying Gloves and Masks Vending Machines

With the help of gloves and mask vending machines, people who are having trouble finding these pieces of equipment are now able to get them. Certain countries like in America and Poland have now been placing vending machines that sell gloves and face masks at an affordable price.

There are also countries like Hong Kong that are placing these vending machines in low-income areas. They’re even giving the masks for free as their main goal is to stop the spread of the disease.

Benefits of Glove and Mask Vending Machines

Installing gloves and mask vending machines can actually become a huge benefit to preventing COVID-19 to spread further. People are now able to gain access to these necessary types of equipment so everyone can further be safe from getting contracted.

As social distancing plays a huge role to reduce the risk of getting infected, vending machines can actually be of huge help for people as they can avoid crowded places when purchasing gloves and masks.

How Vending Machines Can Help the Economy

As the economy is still on a decline due to the pandemic, businesses have become highly affected by this due to the loss of profit. With the help of vending machines, they’re able to gain a good amount of income while also help everyone be safe from the disease.


In order to stay safe and avoid getting infected with COVID-19, practicing social distancing and wearing protective gear is a must. The faster the infection rate decreases, the faster everything is able to go back to normal.