Trailer Parts

High-Quality Trailer Parts From BPW

High-quality trailer parts from BPW prioritise excellence over price in the competitive market for truck and trailer components. Professionals committed to ensuring safe vehicle operation recognise the importance of investing in BPW’s renowned trailer parts, known for their optimal function.

As a distinguished manufacturer, BPW leads the industry in the development, conception, and design of high-quality trailer parts for heavy vehicles. Leveraging German engineering, recognised globally for its excellence, BPW’s products offer a diverse range for trucks, satisfying those seeking performance, safety, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. This comprehensive overview provides essential insights into BPW’s trailer parts.

About BPW:

Founded in 1898, BPW is a German-owned industry leader specialising in equipment and aftermarket parts for trucks and trailers. With subsidiaries like BPW Transpec in Australia and BPW Transport Efficiency in New Zealand, BPW caters to diverse regional needs while upholding quality and safety standards.

Trailer Axles:

Critical components of a trailer truck, BPW’s axles undergo rigorous research, design, and testing to ensure strength and durability. Capable of supporting up to 30 tonnes, BPW’s axles are globally recognised for their safety, robustness, and cost-effectiveness.

Suspension Systems:

BPW’s air suspension systems are designed for optimal performance in challenging conditions. Emphasising quality workmanship, BPW offers diverse suspension systems tailored to different loads and road conditions.

Braking Systems:

BPW prioritises safety in its braking systems, investing in thorough research to achieve the best possible truck braking systems, including both disc and drum brakes. The brand consistently meets and exceeds high safety standards.

Landing Legs:

Crucial for supporting the front end of heavy vehicles, BPW’s landing legs are designed to be lightweight yet sturdy enough to bear heavy loads independently of load conditions. The brand provides innovative solutions, recognising the importance of functionality in all circumstances.

Ringfeder Tow Couplings:

As the agent for Ringfeder tow couplings in Australia and New Zealand, BPW ensures that these crucial components are designed to withstand the tough conditions of Australian outbacks and New Zealand’s mountainous terrain. BPW prioritises safety in these essential components, adhering to rigorous regulations.


BPW’s valuable reputation as a leading manufacturer stems from its commitment to offering high-quality products at reasonable prices, with a strong emphasis on road safety. The incorporation of German engineering into Australia and New Zealand demonstrates BPW’s dedication to providing drivers and operators with quality products tailored for challenging conditions in Australia and New Zealand.