Hire a React developer

Hire a React developer: Everything you need to know to recruit proven experts

Are you trying to hire react js programmers? Are you finding it difficult? Maybe you can’t find any developers willing to work at the salary level or in the location of your choice. Perhaps you can find lots of candidates, but none of them have the experience you need.

Never fear; you can hire a React developer with the right skills and experience if you know where to look! We’ll show you how with this handy guide.

How to Hire React JS Programmers with the Right Skills

Let’s dig into how you can hire React.js developers with the right skills and experience!

1.  Know where to look

If you have put out advertisements and notices looking for reactjs developers for hire and coming up short, you might not be looking in the right places! Start by putting up posts on LinkedIn and Facebook. Sure, they are not recruitment platforms per se, but if someone is following you on your social media platforms, chances are they are interested in what you are doing and more likely to apply if a job posts up, or they may know someone they can recommend. If that doesn’t work, consider freelancer sites like Fiverr and Upwork. You can find excellent developers there at a lower price. Managing a lot of freelancers can be challenging, so make sure you have the right communication tools to stay in touch and on top of the work. Always ask for references – and contact them! You don’t want your freelancer to disappear in the middle of a project.

2.  Promote your business and vision

To find React js developers, you need to inspire them. Create the content on Medium, Reddit, and other developer forums about your vision, clients, and ambitions. You should share posts about your working culture and the perks of joining your firm. It can attract talent to your business very quickly.

3.  Ask the right questions

If you consistently get applications from junior developers, you might want to open your mind a little. Sometimes developers are titled “junior” but have more experience and better skills than you give them credit. Try asking questions you would expect a mid-senior developer would be able to answer to test their skills or set tests or tasks for them to complete. You never know. You might find a hidden gem at a lower price! Good questions to ask include:

  • What is the context?
  • How do you pass data between components?
  • What are the limitations of React?
  • What is prop drilling, and how do you avoid it?
  • What is the use of dangerouslySetInnerHTML?

How they answer may reveal that they are ready to move up a level in terms of their responsibilities.

4.  Hire a mix of experience levels

If you can only find junior react js developers, consider a staffing strategy that will allow them to upskill. Try hiring a few senior developers with experience mentoring and guiding junior team members. Junior staff members can learn from the senior ones, and your team will strengthen over time. Don’t forget to reward those who take on more responsibilities with formal promotions and pay rises. They may move on! You should also consider upskilling the team as a perk, with training and upskilling opportunities. You benefit from their new skills, and they become more hireable.

5.  Hire React js development team members offshore

Let’s say you end up with a handful of React developers. You have a good team but not enough workforce to complete a project. What do you do? The quickest way to supplement your team is to go offshore. You can find team members in places like Ukraine, China, or India to work for you remotely. Your core in-house team can tackle the significant tasks, and the offshore team can provide support or take care of bug fixes and maintenance in the background. Alternatively, you can blend the two teams thoroughly, e.g., hiring the skills you can’t find on local shores in another country and operating like a single team.

Now that you know how to hire React js programmers, nothing can stop your project!