History Enthusiasts- Learn More About The Historic 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

History Enthusiasts- Learn More About The Historic 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

The history of the money goes back to 1878, when it was initially minted. On April 2, 1792, Congress passed a mint act after rectifying the American constitution. This act established a coinage system with the dollar as the central unit of currency.

The mint act made America the first to adopt a decimal currency system. After that ruling, numerous coins were minted to simplify trade for U.S. citizens.

During the great economic turmoil of 1921, the Morgan Silver Dollar was circulated to curb the demands of the prudence of that time. Here is more to learn about the history and design of the coin.

What To Learn About The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar Coin

1.   History of the 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar

The 1921 Morgan Silver Dollar played a significant role in the preliminary development of America. The coin was minted between 1878 and 1904 in the five mints of the USA, namely, New Orleans, Philadelphia, Carson City, Denver, and San Francisco. However, the government stopped production because the clamor for silver coins was low, and the supply was lofty.

After some years, Congress passed the Pittman Act of 1918, which required a plethora of production of the silver coins. More than two hundred and seventy coins were minted. Great Britain then opted to purchase the silver bullions from the American government to intercept an economic catastrophe.

In 1921, Morgan Silver Dollar was minted again for one year with new icons and beautiful designs.

2.   Design of the Morgan Dollar

The exquisite Morgan Silver Dollar coin was cleped after its artificer, George Morgan, who was an assistant in the USA mint. Rather than the conventional greek flair, the Morgan Silver Dollar is the initial coin to incorporate an American-inspired Lady Liberty marking a significant turning point in the coinage system of the U.S. In front of the cash, the engraver used a left-facing profile instead of designing a full-body portrait.

The model for Lady Liberty is Anna Willess Williams, a philosophical writer, and a teacher. Her cap has a wheat and cotton design to signify the rich agricultural history of America. The back side of the coin has an eagle image updated for the Morgan Dollar, portraying a comparatively veracious eagle with excellent feathers.

The portrait also shows an olive branch perched upon a bundle of arrows. These elements happen to be a symbol of America’s interest in peace and its inclination to fortify its borders against attack.

3.   Why They Are Very Hard To Find

For numerous decades, one of the most craved desires by numismatics has been to collect the Morgan Silver Dollar. As a result of the Pittman Act, many rare branch mints were destroyed along with ordinary coins. Collectors don’t know the exact number of these coins but hope to complete their collection.


It is true to say that the Morgan Silver Dollar is a rare coin with an elegant design that attracts the attention of many numismatics. You can find these coins at a reasonable price in different metal firms online, fulfilling your desire as a collector. The Morgan Silver Dollar is worth around $23.68, depending on the condition.