Hosting A Backyard BBQ

Hosting A Backyard BBQ: 5 Outdoor Games You Can Play

The cooler months will be ending before we know it, which will mean backyard barbecues and outdoors parties with friends and family. No outdoor get together can be complete without a few outdoor games. This gives people an opportunity to connect with other guests and keep the mood light. The goal is to pick easy to play games, that may take practice but not too much skill- so that people can jump in and have fun.


Backyard Jenga has become incredibly popular. It is a larger version of the classic tabletop game that kids and adults enjoy. It is great if you don’t have a large yard because it can be contained to a small side table just off of the main walkway. People will pass by frequently and players can stand at all sides to take their turn. Just make sure that you set up your play table in a location that won’t take on too much damage when it falls and avoid using a glass side table.


Cornhole is an outdoor games classic which you can buy from Elakai Outdoor. Players or teams of two stand across from each other and try to sink a bean bag into the hole on the players board. This is a great game because it is portable, easy to set up and takes up a narrow strip of your backyard.

Lawn Bowling

 lawn bowling is another example of outdoor games to keep people moving. It works best when you have a level yard so take that into account. Just make sure that you don’t set your pins up near a walkway so that guests don’t get hit with an unexpected ball or pin. Try to set up in a corner away from bushes.


Horseshoes is another example of a simple backyard game that doesn’t take up a lot of room. Take into consideration where you place your posts for the horseshoes. Make sure that the posts are clearly marked, so that nobody accidentally trips, and designate a space away from the other games.

Hook & Ring

Hook and ring is incredibly popular, and would make for a great tabletop game on the back patio at your backyard barbecue. It gives people an option to sit in the shade and still have some fun. Players take turns swinging a hoop that is attached at the end of a string. The goal is to get the hoop onto the hook before your opponent can. It is fast paced and exciting without requiring a lot of physical exertion to win.

Try These Games At Your Next BBQ

Pick some fun outdoor games to free you up so that you’re not circling the crowd, making small talk all night. You want to enjoy the party with your guests, while still being a good host. A few outdoor games will keep people entertained and serve as a good ice breaker so that you aren’t tasked with getting things moving on your own. It doesn’t take a lot to have a good time;  just a little bit of advanced planning.