How Artificial Grass Enhances Condo Living

Living in a densely populated city like Toronto and the surrounding areas, you’re likely to live in a condominium where access to parks and green space can be more of a challenge. Whether you’re a builder, property manager, or unit owner, artificial grass in Toronto can upgrade your interior and exterior design. With synthetic turf installation, you can completely revolutionize your outdoor experience within your condo building, turning rooftops into parks for residents or balconies into mini backyards. To learn more about how you can take condo living to the next level with luxury artificial grass, contact Echoing Green, Toronto’s leading supplier of European-engineered artificial grass.

Read on to learn how artificial grass can enhance your condo living space.


Compared to detached homes, condos are typically confined living spaces, which makes leveraging every square foot more important, turning open or unused areas into functional spaces. Balconies, terraces, and rooftops, which are the primary sources of outdoor space within the building, start off as concrete slabs, which are left to the owner to modify and personalize. Artificial grass in Toronto adds a pop of color that’s both comfortable and visually appealing. At Echoing Green, we go beyond just synthetic turf installation; property owners can opt for custom turf designs in varying colors and patterns for a unique feel.


Concrete outdoor areas are not easy to use before being treated with a personal touch or design enhancement. The dark, cold, hard concrete surface is not inviting for activity or relaxation. It automatically increases versatility when you upgrade the area with artificial grass for balconies, rooftops, and terraces. Depending on the size and shape of your balcony, synthetic turf installation can mean a personal exercise zone, a reading nook, an outdoor entertainment zone, a mini golf green, and so much more. At Echoing Green, our experts will help you turn your vision into a reality with artificial grass in Toronto.

Convenient for Pets

Living in an apartment with a pet, especially a dog, is extremely tedious and time-consuming. The extra step to let your pets relieve themselves can take time out of your day that you could be using for higher-priority tasks. Artificial grass can eliminate that wasted time, as you can simply let your little friend onto the balcony to roam free. With cooling technology, there is no need to worry about their little paws overheating on the turf. Beneficial in cold climates, no one wants to be gearing up in winter gear simply to take their dog out. Artificial grass for balconies or indoor pet turf makes life much easier.


Indulge in the convenience of hassle-free grass by opting for synthetic turf. If you live in a condominium in the city, you most likely live a fast-paced lifestyle already. With your hands full, who has time for law maintenance. Lucky for you, synthetic turf doesn’t require any lawn mowing or fertilization. If you own a dog, the most care you will take on is doing a monthly deep cleaning and weekly rinse to rid your surface of your dog’s waste. Other than that, feel free to enjoy your balcony hassle-free.

Courtyards & Rooftops

For condo-builders and property managers, one of the best open spaces that can be offered to residents of your property is a courtyard nestled between the walls of your property or a rooftop that sits high above the city. However, upkeep and maintenance for natural grass landscaping in these areas can be a chore and expensive. Not only do you have to spend time vetting landscapers and eliminating weeds, but you also have to invest in water and other supplies to keep the area attractive. By choosing synthetic turf installation, you can significantly reduce maintenance expenses, reducing costs for your residents without minimizing their experience.

Indulge in the Outdoors

City life can often be stressful, and nature can help relieve that. Engaging with the natural environment and outdoor surroundings usually involves dedicating an entire day to leisurely enjoying a park or beach setting. But with synthetic turf installation in Toronto, you can have that experience at the comfort of your doorstep by transforming your balcony into a luxurious lounge area with artificial grass. Customize your balcony to your liking to enjoy the sensation of nature from stories high. Whether you want to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or exercise outside, Echoing Green’s exclusive artificial grass in Toronto and the surrounding area provides protection from overheating, bleaching and degradation from the sun.

Artificial Grass in Toronto with Echoing Green

Not just any turf can be installed on balconies and rooftops in condominiums around the city. European-engineered artificial grass in Toronto is designed to perform in high-stakes situations, including high-speed winds, heavy rainfall, or extended periods of heat. When installed by the experts at Echoing Green, we ensure that your balcony, rooftop, or landscaping turf is securely fastened to prevent lifting or bubbling. Our selection of artificial grass is also treated to be UV resistant and installed with premium infill to keep the surface cool on hot days and prevent color fading.

Start your journey with Echoing Green today. Equipped to get you the best artificial grass, our professionals strive for your satisfaction. We provide the best direction and assistance to bring your dream outdoor living space to life. At Echoing Green, we utilize high-quality European grass to deliver the finest aesthetics and long-lasting durability. Embark on your Echoing Green journey today and experience top-notch artificial turf. Our team of experts is dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction, offering expert guidance and support to transform your outdoor living space into a dream come true. Whether you want to revamp your balconies, backyard, or entire commercial property, trust the Echoing Green team.