dog bite lawyer

How Can Dog Bite Lawyers in Philadelphia Help Your Case?

The most terrible and devastating personal injury claim is a dog bite or animal attack. It is especially true for small children, who may suffer long-term physical and mental consequences.

According to a report, there are more than 4.5 million dog bite incidents in the United States each year, with Philadelphia seeing a significant rise. One in every five requires medical attention at a hospital or emergency care center. Children are the most prevalent victims, with a threefold increase in the likelihood of being bitten by a dog. Sadly, experienced dog bite lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, understand that this does not imply that insurance companies will play pretty. An experienced stalwart lawyer knows the dog bite laws in Pennsylvania and executes them perfectly to work it for you.

Rather than blaming the dog owners, too many insurance providers will accuse youngsters or the dog bite victim. It’s because insurance companies understand that a dog attack lawsuit can lead to massive medical expenditures and severe disabilities, particularly for small children. It is one of the many reasons why insurance companies send their adjustors to workshops and programs taught by defense lawyers to learn how to downplay, devalue, and reject otherwise valid dog bite claims. Survivors may sustain serious wounds and incur considerable expenses due to this.

dog bite lawyer

In What Ways Can Dog Bite Lawyers in Philadelphia Help You? 

A dog bite lawyer would not allow an insurance agent, insurance provider, or defense attorney to take advantage of you and your family. They have extensive expertise defending the rights of sufferers in personal injury claims. Discover how dog bite lawyers in Philadelphia, PA, may assist you in getting compensation if you have been bitten by a dog or injured by another animal.

  • Medical fees for immediate hospitality and intensive care, operations, rehabilitation, drugs, and potential health costs
  • Unable to go to work, resulting in income loss due to the incident.
  • Impairment caused by an injury or surgery.
  • Loss of proper remuneration if you have been unable to return to your previous job role and must accept a lower-paying position due to your disabilities like amputation of a body part.
  • Prospective misery and agony for the rest of your life, calculated from the date of payment.
  • Additional damages that may result from the dog bite.

In Dog Bite Cases, the Owner is Always Liable! 

The Pennsylvania law makes dog owners liable for the medical expenditures of dog attack casualties. It makes no difference whether the owner was aware or was unaware that the dog was potentially violent or would attack. All owners are absolutely accountable for hospital expenses under the law.

However, suppose the dog attack causes “serious harm,” such as bone fractures or severe facial cuts and injuries that need several stitches or plastic surgery. In that case, the victim may file a lawsuit for financial compensation for the pain and misery suffered from the incident.

Contact a reputable dog bite lawyer in Philadelphia, PA, if any of your friends or loved family members comes under the jaws of a dog. Defend your claim for the pain, suffering, and difficulty suffered. Get the deserved compensation for the physical injuries and mental distress.