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How Can You Brighten Your Outdoor Space With Smart Downlights?

Brighten up your outdoor space with smart downlights! As technology continuously advances, you may have been looking for ways to smarten your home. Smart security systems have made your homes safer, while smart home entertainment devices have made home entertainment more convenient. The increasing trend of smart devices has only pushed big tech companies to think of ways to live more conveniently. Now you’ll see more companies releasing more smart devices, including smart outdoor lighting!

What Are Smart Downlights?

Smart downlights provide more functionality and efficiency than conventional downlights. Through smart technology, you can have complete control over your downlights. You’ll have command over the on/off switch, brightness and colours with a simple tap on your phone or other smart device. With these downlights, you can easily customise the look and feel of your outdoor space on a whim. Find out what more they can do for you!

Discover the Advantages of Smart Downlights Outdoors

Installing smart downlights outdoors has multiple benefits for both office buildings and private residences.

Get Better Lighting Control

Make lighting more convenient with smart lighting! Unlike your typical fixtures, smart lights let you control their light from any location with an app on your phone. That means you don’t have to walk all the way to the garden just to turn those outdoor downlights on or off. Another cool feature is the automation of lighting systems, which lets you customise the schedule of your lights. You can have your outdoor downlights automatically turn on at night even when you’re not at home. This way, your neighbours will assume someone is home, and thieves will think twice about breaking in. Plus, home automation systems feature voice controls. So instead of walking over to the switch or pulling out your smartphone, you can just say the word, and the smart downlights will follow your instruction. Some even have sensors so you can use movement to control your lighting.

Make an Energy-Saving & Eco-Friendly Change

Traditional light bulbs will ramp up your energy use, which is bad for your bills as well as the environment. Using LED lights will significantly decrease your power consumption. But smart lights will not only save energy because they’re LED products. Automating your lights and having an easier way to control them makes it less likely that you will forget to turn them off. This means no more light wastage, and less CO2 emissions. Moreover, these light fixtures typically have a longer average lifespan than conventional lights, making them even more sustainable.

Add a Dramatic Flair to Your Garden With Downlights

Smart lighting can detect various environmental factors and adjust your light settings accordingly to create a more pleasant atmosphere. For instance, it can automatically adjust the colour temperature depending on the time of the day. Different coloured downlights are also great for creating various atmospheres, which is helpful for outdoor parties. For example, warm white lighting can create a romantic and relaxing ambience for romantic nights on your patio.

Prevent Accidents With the Click of a Button

Outdoor lighting helps you and your guests navigate your outdoor space so that no one will be stumbling around in the dark. It is a good idea to ensure that your garden paths and steps are adequately lit to avoid accidents and injuries. In addition, high-quality downlights installed on your outdoor walls will brighten up the trail in your garden.

Enjoy Improved Outdoor Aesthetics

What better way to show off your lovely, charming garden than by illuminating it with smart downlights? Not only does your outdoor lighting set the ambience for your garden, but it can also highlight the best parts of your garden.

Make Use of Increased Security

Your outdoor smart downlights are an effective deterrent for home invaders. Since lights make it easier to detect robbers, a well-lit home or office building is unappealing to thieves and will be less likely to become a target. You can also install motion sensor downlights near the entryways or windows to scare off intruders. These lights activate when they sense movement or a presence, so you can be alerted when someone is by the door.

What Smart Outdoor Downlights Should I Get?

We sure love to put downlights in our outdoor spaces. But sometimes one type is better over another. That’s why it’s important to understand your smart downlight options and what could be best for your set up.

Recessed Downlights for a Sleek Look

Recessed downlights are mounted to the ceiling with their bodies fully concealed. That’s why they blend so seamlessly into any design and environment. It’s no wonder they’re extremely popular! Recessed outdoor smart downlights also let you subtly achieve a concentrated light. However, there are more safety risks associated with these lights because the bulbs are mounted in the ceiling. Hence, you’ll need to choose fire-tested bulbs.

Surface-Mounted Downlights for Easy Installation

Surface mounted downlights don’t require you to measure and cut a hole into your ceiling to mount them; instead, they sit easily on the surface. The benefit of this is that they don’t need to be fire-tested. Surface-mounted downlights are also more economical and easier to install. These downlights are the perfect way to achieve a targeted, even downlight effect in your home.

Surface-mounted downlights are great for alfresco areas, BBQ areas and pergolas where lighting cannot be recessed like they are on beams or facias. These downlights are also a popular choice because you don’t need to disturb the insulation in the roof to install them, making them even more energy efficient.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Smart Outdoor Downlights

What Is the Light’s Purpose in Your Outdoor Area?

It will be easier to choose your downlights according to your purpose for them. There are mainly three types of lighting fixtures: task, accent and ambience lights. Many don’t know the difference between these because most lights will work indoors. However, it’s essential to know the difference if you’re choosing outdoor lights.

Task Lighting for Showing Details & Close Work

Task lights are smaller, concentrated lights that are often used in work areas. They’ll allow you to work on projects that require a stronger, more defined light. Task lights are also great for lighting garden pathways and entrances.

Accent Lighting for Making a Statement

Accent lights focus their beams on a certain area and can be used to highlight a particular outdoor spot to make it a focal point. As a result, accent lighting is also known as landscape lighting.

Ambient Lighting for Everyday Use

Ambient lights, which are also referred to as general lighting, are mostly used indoors. These lights will give you a soft glow that’s gentle on your eyes. They are great for your deck and other entertainment spaces around the home. Examples of ambient light sources include chandeliers and ceiling lights.

Learn About the Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Rating

The UL rating is one of the most critical things to consider in choosing your outdoor smart downlights. It determines whether your light fixture can withstand outdoor elements. Whether you have a UL wet or UL damp rating, this rating will indicate which outdoor areas are most suitable for your outdoor smart downlight.

Wet Rating for the Worst Weather

Wet rating lights can withstand the harshest weather conditions, including snow, ice and heavy rain. This means they can also handle the harsh, salty breeze near the ocean. Use these downlights on your exposed deck, lanai, veranda, gazebo and pergola.

Damp Rating for Covered But Moist

Damp-rated lights can hold out against indirect weather and a certain level of moisture. They are therefore ideal for covered outdoor locations that have no direct exposure to water or rain. These lights can also tolerate moisture and damp areas.

Do You Want Motion Sensors?

Motion sensor lights are triggered by movement across the light’s sensors. These sensors can either turn the lights on and off, or regulate their brightness based on traffic. Since motion sensors are controlled by movement, they are best utilised for outdoor security.

Do You Want Time Switches?

Time switches turn on and off at precise times of the day. If you want, you can program these lights to turn on and off at a specific time. They are typically best for garden paths, landscapes and post lights.

Try a Dusk to Dawn Feature

Dusk to dawn light is controlled based on the brightness or darkness of the environment. It uses photocell technology to measure the darkness. These lights typically turn on when the sun sets and switch off when the sun rises, hence the name.

Understand the Wattage Needed

You may consider low-wattage bulbs for decorative or ambient and accent lighting. But if you want to brighten up a particularly dark area, you might need something stronger. So, choose your downlight wattage based on your needs.

Illuminate Your Outdoor Space

Create the best ambience and show off your beautiful garden and outdoor spaces with a great range of smart downlights. Buy smart downlights online now for a brighter, more beautiful and secure outdoor space!