How Can You Find Child Auditions Without an Agent

How Can You Find Child Auditions Without an Agent?

Is your child talented, has a bright personality, and wants to act in TV and movies? Then, you probably already tried to find and sign up for acting auditions for kids on the Internet. Unfortunately, if you live in cities like New York or Los Angeles, it’s quite difficult to do this on your own. Let’s see what you can do to find auditions without an upfront payment for information and not run into scammers.

Where to Start Looking for Auditions?

Of course, such large casting agencies as will greatly facilitate the path of your child to succeed. However, countless amazing actors find their work on their own. Even if you don’t have an agent, finding a producer and getting a role is quite possible if you have the talent and the will to win.

  1. Post CV on job boards for actors. Prepare your child’s headshot with basic information about their special skills. It is difficult to get into a large project this way, but for starting and gaining experience in auditions, this method is great.
  2. Go to your state film commission. Here, it is quite possible to find work as an extra/background performer. By participating in such filming, the child will be able to understand whether they are ready for a long wait and repeated performance of simple actions, without which the work of an actor is indispensable.
  3. Work in student films. It is another way to test how ready your child is for filming. This is not considered serious work; however, it will help to add some credits to the resume, which reflect the experience of the child and can interest big producers in the future.

How Not to Get Into the Hands of Fraudsters?

Don’t be tempted by the “mass castings” that you may be called to in shopping malls. Unfortunately, their promises to pass a free casting are nothing more than bait for the subsequent extortion of money. The same goes for dubious online forms that often come up when searching for “listening.” You leave your contact details, and they call you with a message that the child has passed, but you need to pay a fee.