DC Stargirl

How DC’s “Stargirl” Sets Itself Apart From the Crowd

If you’ve been to a movie theater any time in the recent past, you’ve probably seen a superhero movie (or two) up on the billboard. Between the DC and Marvel universes, there are enough characters to make movies and TV shows for the foreseeable future. Even the most ardent fans, though, find that some of this superhero content starts to blend together. Shows like DC’s “Stargirl”, however, have found ways to stand out from the rest.

Excellent Production Quality

Let’s face it, kids shows tend to be a little underwhelming when it comes to production values. “Stargirl” is a show targeting the tween and young teen population, so it’s normal to expect pretty sub-par writing and a lack of attention to detail. However, thanks to the expertise of show creator Geoff Johns, the show manages to combine youthful buoyancy with excellent production quality.

The writing is slow-paced enough to allow every character to develop in their own time, without too much distraction by explosions and special effects. The relationships between characters, such as Stargirl’s alter-ego Courtney Whitmore and her stepfather, Pat Dugen, are carefully crafted to be endearing and earnest without being overly sweet. In fact, the whole show balances the tone of youthful innocence with the nitty-gritty realities of the world these heroes are trying to save.

Positive Tone

There are tons of great superhero movies out there with a positive tone, but it’s rare to find TV shows with the same effect. Generally speaking, expensive shows are created with adults in mind, meaning that the tone is going to be geared towards an audience looking for something serious and grown-up to watch. However, “Stargirl” stays true to its young characters by maintaining a positive and fun-loving tone throughout the series, something that promises to be true for Johns’ new character Geiger.

The heroine and her best friends, who she enlists as fellow superheroes, undertake to save the world out of selflessness. It’s easy to imagine the call of superheroism as being appealing for the glory and fame that come with it, but Stargirl accepts her new powers with the knowledge that she’s going to help people with them. For those sick of the dark and sometimes depressing world of superhero TV shows, “Stargirl” offers a really unique alternative.

DC Stargirl

Nostalgic Undertones

What shows like “Stranger Things” have proven over the last few years is that people love a show that makes them feel nostalgic. “Stargirl” achieves this goal time and time again as it sets the story in the old town of Blue Valley, Nebraska, in a time when there were still ice cream parlors. Viewers will catch glimpses of vintage cars and costuming that might remind them of another time while watching a show very much created with modern-day rendering technology.

Nostalgia has a curiously strong pull, especially for those looking to get a sense of comfort from their viewing experience. It’s almost a guarantee that anyone who sticks with “Stargirl” is going to come away feeling a little better about life.