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How does link building work?

Link building is an integral part of SEO. It can be difficult to understand how it works, but learning a thing or two about it can elevate your optimization game a lot.

On-site activities are crucial to making your webpage visible, accessible, and valuable for the users, but link building and other off-site operations can prove to Google and other search engines that it’s worth ranking it higher than the competition. Let us explain what link building actually is.

Explaining link building

The definition of this term is simple – link building means that other websites on the internet put links to your website inside their content. The algorithm bots “crawl” between links on your own page, but they also jump between websites using those links.

In many cases, these links will appear naturally. If you produce excellent content within your niche, other sources within it will gladly quote you as a source of information or send their users to you for further knowledge. However, you can also acquire such links by collaborating with other businesses.

SEO strategies often include guest posting, social media marketing, and infographics as some of the link building methods. What’s important is that you should always care about quality more than quantity.

Your links should appear in resourceful places with an unblemished reputation. That’s when the algorithm evaluates them as good for your SEO and places your website higher on the results page.

How does link building work

How to do link building right?

SEO specialists often mention so-called white hat and black hat SEO strategies. The former are best practices that are always positive for your score, but can be harder to achieve because they require some effort. The latter are considered somewhat “illegal” in the community. They can provide results, but if the algorithm discovers them, your ranking will be broken for a long time.

For instance, hiding multiple links on websites (for example using very small fonts or background color) is considered black hat SEO in link building.

It is not recommended by professionals to use such methods to boost up your website’s visibility. If proper link acquisition seems like a lot of work to you, it is possible to hire a team of experts that will take care of your company’s SEO and help you with all these activities.

Benefits of good link building

As we mentioned, link building can influence your position in Google in a positive way. But it’s not the only advantage it provides. Being present on different websites than your own means you will experience increased traffic, which can directly grow the number of leads for your business. It will also raise brand awareness and enhance your authority within the industry you work in.

That’s why approaching SEO is so important. Every company that wants to grow should invest in optimizing their search engine presence. It’s impossible to handle all of these things without the help of an experienced team with relevant skills and knowledge.

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