High Heat And Sunlight Can Severely Damage Your Car

How High Heat And Sunlight Can Severely Damage Your Car

This last summer brought unprecedented heat across Australia, smashing records in a number of states and cities. The summer of 2023 was the hottest on record worldwide! As the summer heat continues to rise every year, it becomes increasingly important to protect your car from its ravages. Extreme heat and direct sun rays can do great harm to your car. Exposure to sunlight over time can cause exterior and interior damage, negatively affect performance, and cause the vehicle’s value to drop.

Considering all of that, it’s easy to understand why you see so many car shades in Australia, a great way to protect your car from the heat of the day! To better understand how much damage the sun can do to your car, the following list goes into detail about the ill effects that can arise:

  • Fluid Evaporation – Your car contains various fluids like transmission fluid, coolant, and engine oil that can evaporate more rapidly under extreme heat conditions. The resulting decrease in lubrication and cooling efficiency can lead to overheating which can cause severe damage to the engine.
  • Overheating – A car’s engine runs hotter than usual during periods of higher temperatures, which can cause it to overheat. This will most certainly result in engine damage, blown gaskets, and warped cylinder heads if no measures are taken to counteract the extreme heat.
  • Battery Damage – Battery fluid evaporates more quickly under high temperatures, reducing its life and performance. An increased risk of battery corrosion is also possible, all of which can result in a dead battery. In general, a car battery can last between two to four years, but hotter climates are likely to shorten that period.
  • Tyre Damage – Tyres degrade more quickly when exposed to extreme heat, and conditions like dry rot can set in, damaging the rubber and greatly reducing the tyre’s lifespan. Tyre pressure can increase in high heat, causing over-inflation that can result in a dangerous blowout while driving!
  • Paint and Interior Damage – A car’s paint will begin to fade, crack, and peel if subjected to prolonged exposure to high temperatures and sunlight. The interior can also be affected, resulting in cracked dashboards, unreliable gauges, and faded upholstery, all of which will greatly reduce the vehicle’s resell value.
  • Fuel System Problems – Fuel evaporates at a higher rate under high temperatures, and that can lead to vapour lock which will reduce your fuel economy, and have negative effects on engine performance.
  • A/C System Problems – When it’s very hot outside the car’s air conditioning system is forced to work harder to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. The extra strain on the system can cause added wear and tear on the A/C components, shortening their lifespan.
  • Electrical System Issues – A car’s electrical components are susceptible to extreme heat conditions. Sensors, wiring, and other electronic systems can have their performance and longevity greatly reduced. The heat can cause a variety of serious electrical problems, like malfunctioning sensors, and even lead to electrical fires breaking out!

Now that you are aware of just how much serious damage the sun and high heat can do to your car, you can take further steps to protect it, and yourself, from the unpleasant results!