How Long Does It Take To Repair A Car After An Accident

How Long Does It Take To Repair A Car After An Accident

Did you or someone you know get into an accident recently? You’re probably wondering how long it will take to repair your car.

Well, depending on the extent of the damage, it could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks.

Let’s see what factors determine this time and how long different damages would take!

Factors Affecting The Time Repair Time

Some of the factors that affect the time it takes to repair a car are:

1.   The Damage Itself

The number one factor determining the time needed to repair a car after an accident is the type and extent of the damage. For example, if you broke one of your tail lights in a fender bender, it will take less time to repair than if you had broken your windshield, let’s say.

The type of damage also matters. Cosmetic damage like minor scratches on your car’s surface paint would only take a few hours to be repaired. You can even remove minor car scratches at home.

On the other hand, deep scratches or structural damage to your car’s metal body will require more time to get fixed.

2.   Repair Or Replacement Of Parts

If you only need to repair parts, it will take less time than if you need to replace parts. Replacing parts generally takes longer as you must wait for the new parts to be delivered and installed.

You might also face a shortage of materials for specific brands, which can impact the time to repair your car.

3.   The Mechanic Or Workshop

The mechanic’s technical skills or the repair shop’s reputation will also matter.

If you take your car to a top-notch shop with experienced mechanics, there is a high chance they would have efficient staff. Experienced, skilled, and efficient mechanics will take less time than amateurs or inexperienced ones.

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4.   Make & Model Of Your Car

The type of car you have will also affect the repair time. Modern cars with advanced technology and computer controls require equally modern equipment to repair. And, not every workshop will have advanced tools to deal with these repairs.

So, finding a qualified mechanic or workshop that could fix your car could take some time.

Similarly, if you have an older car, you might struggle to find new auto parts for replacement.

In any case, the type of car or the model could have a significant impact on the total repair time.

5.   Insurance Claim Processing

If you have an insured car, you can’t initiate repairs until your insurance company processes your claim.

So, how quickly or slowly your insurance company processes claims can impact the repair time.

These are some common factors affecting the repair time of a car involved in an accident.

Now let’s see how much it takes to repair different damages.

Estimated Repair Times For Different Damages

Here are some of the estimated repair times for different types of damages. Please note that these times can differ based on the factors we discussed earlier.

1.   Broken Windshield

Usually, it would take around 2-4 hours to replace a broken windshield. But, the time may increase depending upon the condition of the old shattered screen.

Also, if the windscreen has advanced features like rain sensors or heating, it might take more time to install the new one.

In most cases, the workshop people will tell you to collect your car within 1 or 2 days.

2.   Broken Headlight/Taillight

It would take 1-2 hours to replace a broken light. Again, the time can increase if the damage is severe or if the car has special features.

Most workshops will tell you to drop off your car during the day and collect it by evening.

3.   Scratches And Paint Work

If you have minor scratches on your car’s surface, they can be fixed within a few hours.

But, if the scratches are deep, it might take a day or two to repair them. The time will also increase if the scratches are on more than one panel.

4.   Dents

Plungers can help remove dents in minutes. But, if the dent is extensive or in a difficult-to-reach place, it will take more time. Also, if the paint job is damaged, it will add to the repair time.

Overall, you can expect your car back within 2 to 3 days for a dent and paint job.

5.   Other Damages

Some accidents damage your engine parts or car’s interior. Since such damages mostly require the replacement of internal parts, it could take one to two weeks to fix your car.

On the other hand, extensive internal and external damage to multiple parts of your car could require 2 to 4 weeks to get your car up and running again.

As you can see, there is no one answer to how long it will take to repair your car after an accident. Repair time can vary based on the damage, availability of parts, your mechanic, and your insurance company!