Build A Rocking Audio System

How to Build A Rocking Audio System That’ll Impress Everyone

Car audio system is really a vital part of any car, rather than that being just for entertainment factor or a source of enjoyment, today’s automobile has become more multi-dimensional. The market is full scope with different types of car audio system and stereo equipment. They are built as per their quality, affordability, and according to the need specified by the user for his or her vehicle. Due to this increasing demand in car audio systems there are lots of authorized dealers who market these audios and stereos at a competitive price.

The main purpose of an auto stereo system is to provide entertainment and a source of enjoyment in the ride. In nowadays most of cars are equipped with Bluetooth technology, CD changer, USB port and other digital information receivers. And what if we get this all system installed in our car without paying the high price? The answer is simple—by purchasing it online. It gives you more than that. You can have a wonderful car stereo system and the best way to get it is by going through this article.

Different Parts of Car Stereo System

Different Parts of Car Stereo System

  • Stereo Speakers

Car audio systems are made up of many different components and take a lot more than just speakers. Each speaker type, size, shape or power requirements have their own significance to the system as well. Like four wheeler speaker tube or other things are important. The first step should be figure out which kind will fit in your car then consider front center and rear speakers if there is interest for complete sound quality you want them too. Remember some may require special enclosures that can take up much needed space.

Next, make sure your speakers are compatible with the power output of a car audio amplifier. This is important because if you under-power them they won’t sound as good and could even be permanently damaged!

  • Stereo Amplifiers

The car head unit in most cars is a powerful amplifier. However, the external amp offers more power and ability to tweak basses, mids and highs separately which allows for better sounds overall.

One of the benefits to using separate amplifiers is that it allows you to customize your sound quality and system setup. With a subwoofer or two, an amplifier can distribute power where needed more efficiently than if they were all in one box with multiple speakers requiring extra wiring work for crossover points between them.

Subwoofers require much less energy from amps because their frequency range falls below human hearing (20 Hz – 20 kHz). That means when designing car audio systems, maximizing full-range tweeter output becomes even more important as tweeters are responsible for frequencies we hear most clearly at higher volumes such as 8kHz – 12 kHz while subs handle lower frequencies typically under 100Hz which our ears cannot detect well – just feel!

  • Stereo Subwoofers

Subwoofers are designed for vehicles. They require more power than speakers and need to be mounted inside an enclosure when installed in a car. You can either DIY custom-made enclosures or buy one specifically made for your make/model of vehicle, if desired.

In the realm of car audio systems, achieving top-notch quality involves considering components like speakers, amplifiers, and subwoofers. Often overlooked, the role of premium cables, such as those offered by Audio Art Cable, is crucial.

Subwoofers used in cars have specific needs that not all other types do: they need more power because they’re larger; their sound waves travel farther so the driver has less time before being impacted by them (they also must be encased). And some designs incorporate amplifiers which increase how much voltage is needed from the battery depending on how many watts it’s rated at producing.

It is important to know the type of vehicle you are installing your subwoofer into, as each make and model has different types of enclosures. For instance, a 10″ enclosure might not be big enough for an SUV or other large truck; however it would work great in smaller cars like hatchbacks because they have less space between seats than sports utility vehicles do. If budget permits then there’s also always the option to purchase one with built-in amplifiers that can easily power all those basslines coming out from your new system!

  • Stereo Head Units and Receivers

When building a system, you can either keep your factory head unit or replace it with an external one. But if you’re using the local features of the car and don’t want to miss out on those perks like navigation, then sticking with what’s there may be best for now. The downside is that most stock speakers do not have pre-amp outputs which means they will sound better when amplified by another device rather than going straight into them from a speaker level converter directly connected to power amp channels (which in turn connects through RCA cables).

The size of the head unit that you want is important to consider before making a purchase. There are standard and oversized units available with different sizes for single, 1.5 DIN or double DIN models. Also there will be CD players versus DVD player which may have video screens as well!

If you’re looking into buying a new in-dash stereo system replacement, then it’s important to plan ahead by considering your desired chassis size from either single (1) din or larger at 1.5Din/double Din systems respectively so that they’ll fit comfortably within the dashboard area without taking up too much space while also considering whether you would like an audio CD player vs one with integrated hard drive media playback capability.

Tips for Building/Installing a Rocking Car Audio System

As you may want more information regarding what you should look for in buying the best audio or stereo system and installing it, here are few tips that will help:

  • Say no to Extended Warranties – Don’t go for extended warranties unless they come free with a purchase. Most of the auto stereos come with a one year warranty, which is more than enough. If you feel that the car stereo system has some problem in it, then return it to the store you purchased from and request for a new replacement. That’s it!
  • Make Sure about Audio Quality – Audio quality matters most. While buying any kind of audio system, make sure that you check its audio quality. Suppose if you are buying it for a car, then test the sound before making any purchase.
  • Check Dealer Ratings- The next important thing is to look for dealer ratings. If any dealership or website has lots of negative reviews regarding their product and service, do not go through with the transaction. This way, you will keep yourself free from any kind of frauds and unwanted charges.
  • Reviews about Car Stereo System – Always look for reviews on each car stereo system product before making a purchase. This way, you will get all information as per your need about the features or specification of the car stereo system you are going to invest your money into.
  • Terms and Conditions of Product – Go through the terms and conditions of the product on the website you are purchasing it from. It will give you a clear idea about how to return or exchange any damaged or defective products that you might get.
  • Check Your Car’s Audio System Requirements – Consider your car’s audio system needs before making a purchase. Suppose if there is some problem with your stock audio system; do not go for a high-end or expensive system that won’t even fit in your car.
  • Get Your Product – Shop around! There are many online websites that deal in the installation, sale of car audio systems, and this is where you have to spend some time comparing prices. The best thing is to compare pricing from more than one website before making a purchase.
  • Reviews on Dealer’s Website – Lastly, look for the reviews and testimonials on those websites you are about to prefer your business with. You always want the best deal for your money, so be sure that the website sells audio systems at a reasonable price—one that will satisfy your needs and pocket as well.
  • Make Sure about Accessories – When you are buying a car stereo online, make sure that the store provides original accessories and parts of your purchase or tell them to provide it separately at your doorstep when they deliver. This way, you will be saved from any kind of troubles later on.
  • Return Policy and Warranty – Do not forget to check the return policy and warranty information of the website. If it comes with a one or two year warranty then you are lucky; else, find another store for making your purchase.
  • Help from Tutorials and User Manuals – Most of the tutorial videos are easy to follow and understand, so this is a great help for beginners who want to get it done on their own. You can also go through the user guide or manual that comes with the car stereo system you are going to buy. It will tell you about all the steps you need to take and how to do it effortlessly!
  • Follow Steps in Order – Once everything is set as per your needs, then follow every step in order and don’t forget anything. If you get stuck with one step, then just explore the internet for some other ideas. You will surely be able to find a solution that works or something similar to it.
  • Test Car Audio System – Once you have finished fixing everything and want your car stereo system on, test it before re-installing everything in their place. Don’t forget to check every part and connection before making them permanent.
  • Get Professional Help – If you are not able to get everything right on your own, then just go for a professional help who provides service in the same field or deal in car audio systems. They will be more helpful than anything else when it comes to making sure that all parts work properly and is connected


Building a car audio system is an exciting process. We hope you have learned some tips and tricks for building or installing your own stereo system that will make the project go smoothly, as well as what to buy when looking into purchasing one of these systems in stores. If you are still stumped on where to start with this project, we can help! Leave us a comment below if there’s anything else you want to know about car stereos.