How to Change Mileage?

People have come up with various ways of changing the mileage. They used mechanical methods with analog odometers, however, nowadays that’s virtually impossible. If you attempted to rewind the digital odometer yourself, you’d have to go through a complicated process. And let’s face it – nobody has the time for that.

That’s why manufacturers created various mileage-related tools. One of those is the mileage blocker from Let’s see what this device does and how it affects the mileage.

Does the mileage blocker program the existing mileage?

The mileage blocker sold at has nothing to do with the existing numbers. It’s equipment that stops recording the mileage in all control units. It was created for testing the performance of your vehicle and help you grasp its true specs. You shouldn’t use it on the open road to avoid ethical issues.

The odometer changer, on the contrary, can reverse, reset, or rewind the mileage. Though it looks promising, it has numerous practical drawbacks. It doesn’t change the mileage in ECU or other control units – it can only alter the numbers on the trip meter. That means that you can check if the odometer has been programmed with diagnostic testers.

Plus, an odometer adjustment tool can be quite complicated. It usually comes with an interface that can be hard to understand for many. You’ll need to go through complex steps before you get the chance to activate this software. It’s also worth noting that this device is unethical to use and can even cause legal trouble.


What sets the mileage stopper apart from its competitors?

The mileage stopper from stands out with its useful and practical features. It has many perks that compensate for the drawbacks of the odometer correction tools. As mentioned, it’s an ethical device that you should use for testing the performance of your vehicle.

The odometer blocker responds to your needs

The odometer blocker is tailored to the needs of the user. It can respond to your needs thanks to its versatility. It enables you to choose various modes and select the desired one according to the requirements you have at that moment.

Moreover, its performance can’t be detected even with diagnostic testers. It stops recording mileage in all control units. Just remember that you should always use it ethically.

The kilometer stopper offers premium-quality operation

The kilometer stopper from is a premium tool. It doesn’t resemble those cheap devices that promise to do a lot but fail to fulfill even the simplest tasks. The mileage blocker does exactly what it promises to do. Once you use it for testing the functionalities of your car, you’ll see how much potential it has.


In conclusion, many tools can change the mileage, however, they aren’t perfect. Odometer correction devices can be quite troublesome. They are unethical and could even be illegal in certain cases. The mileage blocker sold at doesn’t have those drawbacks – in fact, it turns them into its advantages. You should use it for testing to remain ethical and avoid any trouble.