How To Choose Appliances For A Small Galley Kitchen

How To Choose Appliances For A Small Galley Kitchen

Galley kitchens are fast becoming a thing in modern homes. A typical Galley kitchen look consists of two parallel sides with corridor spaces in between, appliances fitted along one side of the wall or both walls, cabinetry, and countertops.

Because of how enclosed a galley might look, it is important to choose the right kind of appliance for it. Compact appliances are ideal for galley kitchens because of how they can fit into corners. You should also consider top-rated laundry appliances for small spaces.

In choosing appliances, the trick is to maximize space by making use of every storage space available to achieve a comfortable and efficient kitchen layout.

How To Choose Appliances For A Small Galley Kitchen


You can go from a 24-inch dishwasher to an 18-inch dishwasher to create more space.

Here are some of the best brands of 18-inch dishwashers you can buy. Beko, Miele, Bosc,   Monogram and GE. They have the following features

  • Three levels of wash action
  • 3rd rack for silverware
  • Adjustable to racks
  • Under 44db silence ratings

Sub-zero Refrigerator

An excellent model is the 30-inch DET3050CIID panel-ready refrigerator. Here are some of its features

  • Adjustable door shelves at different heights to accommodate more items
  • Flip up the dairy compartment
  • Drawers with adjustable dividers
  • It offers two years warranty on appliances

Discreet Modular Cooking Appliances

When choosing appliances for galley kitchens, the goal is to minimize space. This can only happen if you choose the right size of appliances. The following in mind will help you get the right size of appliances.

Bottom freezer refrigerators for maximum space

Bottom-free refrigerators are ideal for galley kitchens, they add a level of efficiency to galley kitchens and they tend to have the most storage space.


The Fisher & Paykel microwave is a good option for a galley kitchen. It is suitable for high-heat cooking. Let’s look at some of the features:

  • 24 inches
  • It comes with a storage
  • It has 4 sealed burners
  • It has an automatic shutoff system if the burner blows off
  • It has a 2.5 cu capacity
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty

Choosing the right appliances for a small galley kitchen: Key points

Here are tips to consider in choosing the right appliances for a galley kitchen:

Assess kitchen layout

The first step in choosing the right appliances is to assess and measure your kitchen layout. It is important to make use of every available space. You should consider the placement of the sink, fridge, and stove which are at the core of your kitchen.

Depending on the size of the space, always try to have a minimum of 3 feet between the sink and the cooker for easy preparations.

The sink can be placed in between the fridge and the cooker, with the cooker close to the serving area. This allows for easy movement between collecting, preparing, cooking, and serving.

If you want to go bigger on the space, you can opt for panel-ready appliances because of their seamless shallower look.

Use open shelving

Instead of top cabinets, opt for open shelving. It gives the kitchen a bigger feel and helps maintain layout efficiency. Putting your spices and dishware on display makes it easy to spot when you need them.

Go vertical

When choosing the right appliance for your kitchen, consider keeping all your appliances on one side of the kitchen. This creates more space and can allow two cooks in a kitchen at the same time.

Invest in a good hood

A galley kitchen can get hot fast, and if you are the type to cook a lot, getting a good hood can lower the temperature.

Advantages of a Galley Kitchens

If you’re wondering what the advantages of a galley kitchen are, for one, galley kitchens help to conserve space in your home. Because galley kitchens are naturally small, they create more space for other rooms in the home. Here are some other advantages.

It Saves Cost

Cabinets and countertops are the most expensive features in a kitchen. Because galley kitchens are smaller, there is less room for installing more cabinets and countertops which helps you to save cost compared to a larger space. Also, less kitchen space means less floor space. Less floor space means lesser cost on flooring.

Choosing appliances for a galley kitchen doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need to do is consider options that help to conserve space while serving their function.