How to Create an Escape Room in Your Home

How to Create an Escape Room in Your Home

Escape rooms are cognitive and educational learning experiences. They are among the most fun kinds of home activities because they provide players with thrilling and creative scenarios.

After one of these adventures, you will always leave feeling happy and more intelligent. If you are tired of watching Netflix and want new ways to amuse yourself, here are ways you can create an escape room at home to solve the most exciting clues and puzzles.

Stick to the Basics

The best home escape room needs a few components and a good story narrative. Your story or puzzle should have some depth and context to give players a goal to achieve at each stage. Without intricate and well-thought puzzles or challenges, your players will not feel like they are taking part in a creative escape room.

You need to devise exciting obstacles with objects that everyone needs to unlock to get to the next stage. To make things trickier, add a countdown timer because this will add a lot of suspense to the game.

Since you are at home, find some eerie music on Spotify or pull up some mysterious tunes from YouTube to have in the background while solving each puzzle. This will set the ideal atmosphere for the best escape room game that your friends and family will admire.

Create a Compelling Narrative

If you have a strong narrative, you do not need extravagant props or effects to bring your home escape room to life. Players will naturally immerse themselves with a bit of atmosphere and a creative story that motivates them to finish the game.

The most typical escape rooms follow a clear theme and a riveting plot. You can make players solve mysteries about a fictive character’s death or make people find their way out of a locked dungeon and create so many other thrilling narratives.

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Your friends and family will love the storylines you come up with, and it will become much easier to start inventing the puzzles to take your group through an immersive journey.

Avoid Being Too Simple

The challenges for escape rooms should not be too difficult, but you should also not make them too easy. People will not be as engaged if they can solve every puzzle within seconds. You should develop some difficult tasks and riddles where everyone must think carefully and work together as a team.

It is always more immersive when players have the chance to bounce ideas and solve things together instead of coming up with the answers quickly. This way, you can make your creative escape room last longer while keeping everybody on their toes.

For instance, you can lock a room and hide the clues or the key in a suitcase. Then leave clues, so people know that the combination lock is on a piece of paper folded in origami.

There are many items at home you can use to accompany your storyline for the perfect escape room. However, you may need to put a logo or label these in a way so that people know which items you want to use as part of the game.

Invent Clever Riddles

One of the top ways to make an escape room challenging is by coming up with clever riddles or numbers. This way, you can create some great clues for your participants to scratch their heads about.

You can always look online for some ideas for clues and riddles if you do not have the time or energy to make new ones from scratch. You can also use popular song lyrics, quotes from movies, and so much more to lead people to the next obstacle.

Create a Safe Space

When people play games together, they can get carried away. The last thing you want is any accidents to happen in an enclosed space.

When participants are enjoying your home escape room, make sure you have a way to observe them if anyone needs to be rescued. This way, you can also monitor their safety.

You should try to position a smartphone or a tablet in a corner how you do video calls. Then you can keep a close eye on the group from a different room to see how they are doing.

There may even be a time when they need help with the clues. If you notice that they are stuck on a challenge for too long, you can send them a signal to guide them. You can put on a voice to appear mysterious and wear a disguise to provide commands through the video chat to help them progress.

Go Online for More Fun

Even though creating your own escape room from scratch does sound like one of the most perfect home activities, it can be very time-consuming. You would have to spend time thinking about an engaging storyline that will have everyone participating from start to finish.

Then you will need to tidy up and create some space in a room for everyone to play. The clues and riddles will also drain you because those need to be unique and inspiring, so no one already knows the answers before they begin your home escape room game.

If you are not in the mood to invent complex new puzzles from scratch, you can use some existing escape rooms to play together. An online escape room is a perfect way to spend an evening with loved ones if you cannot gather at each other’s houses.

Many of these have a series of challenges and virtual rooms already set up with riveting stories that will make you want to play them all. Give these a try before creating your own because you may find a lot of inspiration from them.

Create an Escape Room Today

Escape rooms tap into an unbeatable desire for social, intellectual, and physical stimulation. When you create an escape room, you have the freedom to make it scary or add a time crunch for a mind-blowing adrenaline rush.

If you want the best home activities to celebrate a birthday, a Friday night, or just want to see your loved ones, think of a great story narrative and let your imagination run wild. Check out our website for more adventurous tips that your family and friends will love.