5 gardening ideas

How to design your garden for Autumn? 5 gardening ideas

Summer is gone, but that does not mean you have to stop taking care of your garden. Keeping up a presentable outdoor space is not that much of a challenge if you are willing to make small alternations. In fact, designing your garden for autumn is easier than you thought. In this article, you can check out some of the most amazing gardening ideas from professional gardeners.

Ready to design your dream autumn garden? Let’s go.

The beautiful and colorful Fall garden

Autumn is a season that most people associate with falling leaves, dark foliage, and greens starting to wilt and losing their color. By the same logic, they would think of autumn gardens as something unattractive or not very lively. This is not the case.

With the right choice of plants, lighting, and decorations, any gardener can keep up the nice green looks of their garden way until winter comes. To help you achieve that, the experts from Professional Gardening Services in London have collected these amazing ideas to inspire your garden design for autumn.

How to make your garden perfect for autumn?

Plant some violas

Violas are some of the most fabulous floral selections you can enjoy in Autumn. These vibrant fall-blooming flowers are available in a variety of colors and can be combined in many ways to create a colorful garden display. Violas are very easy to grow as they can thrive both in full sun and partial shade and have high frost tolerance. To encourage max blooming, plant them at the beginning of autumn when the weather is cooler.

Plant sweet alyssum

Sweet alyssums are classic late-bloomers that will color up your autumn garden in white, pink, and purple shades and spread their honey aroma until the first frost! As a cool-season plant, sweet alyssum flourishes in the fall and grows best in full sun. Plant them on the ground in garden beds or in planters and hanging containers, and combine them with other autumn-friendly plants.

Include pumpkins

Even though the weather is getting colder, the growing and harvest season for fruits and vegetables is far from over. And pumpkins are the ultimate autumn plants to grow in your veggie garden! You can grow them in various colors and sizes, in garden beds or on trellises. Plant pumpkins in full sun and moisture-retentive soil, ensure wind protection and leave them enough room to roam.

Add stunning urns

Urns are such a cool autumn garden feature! Although they are an attractive addition to the garden by themselves, you can also elevate their aesthetic appeal by placing them near climbing plants. Once surrounded by greenery, urns look like a cool rustic touch and improve the sense of being close to nature in your own backyard.

Purchase garden lights

Nothing makes a garden cozier and prettier at night than nice lighting. You can light up your landscape by hanging beautiful fairy lights or themed autumn lanterns. But before you make a decision, think about the areas you need to illuminate. For a garden dining area, you can install LED spot fixtures or add string lights on the inside of the outdoor umbrella. For paths, decks, and patios, go for soft lighting or torch-like solar lamps.

To sum up, having a thriving autumn garden is a personal choice. It is all about the approach you are willing to take. You can let the outdoor area go until spring or you can take small steps towards making it look neat and inviting. We hope these gardening ideas inspire you to design a green and blooming fall garden!