How to Dress for a Dance Photo Shoot

How to Dress for a Dance Photo Shoot: Tips and Tricks

For every dancer who aims to make it big, professional dance photoshoots can be a great opportunity to showcase what you have. It can be really exciting to get all dressed up, visit a studio or some beautiful outdoor location, and strike amazing poses that can gorgeously showcase your talent.

These professional dance photos can enhance your portfolio for marketing your talent and bagging future auditions. However, practicing in your dance studio and getting clicked inside a photo studio can be two different experiences. For instance, if you are trying to create a dance portfolio with a professional Pittsburgh dance photography session, it might take a dozen or more tries to get the perfect shots.

Hence you should definitely prepare well for a dance photoshoot. This article talks about certain outfit ideas along with a few tricks for getting your dance photoshoot right. So whether you need professional images for a dance gig or you want some social media-worthy photos in cute hip-hop pants, read on for starting your photo shoot on the right foot.

Outfit Ideas According to the Type of Photo Shoot:

Outfit ideas for headshots

Professional headshots are a physical representation of your talent that can create a solid impression even before you walk into an audition room. Hence you should wear an outfit that is as flattering as possible. Simple and solid color outfits that can complement your complexion and eyes are great for professional headshot sessions. For instance, if you have a pale skin tone, you should avoid wearing a ghost white t-shirt. Moreover, the outfit shouldn’t have any logos or brand names as you would want to create a neutral impression for fitting different profiles. You should also check the flattering quotient of the top’s neckline. For example, if you have a short neck, you should go for a V-neckline or U-neckline top instead of a crew neck top, which will make your neck look shorter.

Outfit ideas for body shots

Body-flattering clothes that are well-fitted can be amazing for full-body shots. These outfits can highlight your body type and help to visualize you in different scenarios. You can bring different color options for different backdrop choices. This way you can go for a color that stands out from the background. Like light color clothing can look amazing against dark backdrops and colorful outfits can look amazing in front of white backgrounds. Just remember to not select distracting colors that can take the attention away from your body and face.

Outfit ideas for dance-action shots

For your dance-action shots make sure that you are not restricted by your outfits to showcase the best of you. You might not want to rip a pair of jeans while doing a split or be constrained from showing your potential by a dressy outfit. Your outfit should highlight your lines, show off your shape, and be free from physical limitations. You can combine fashion and dance by going for an outfit that will create its own unique movement and highlight yours along the way. And if you are looking for a safe option, go for cycling shorts or tight-fitting leggings with a classic leotard or crop top that will show off your body and dance moves in cleaner lines.

Tricks for Nailing all kinds of Dance Photo Shoots:

  • Always go for solid color clothing as patterns can be distracting.
  • For a nice touch of drama, you can add feathers and rhinestones to your outfit.
  • You can use headpieces and gears without diverting too much attention.
  • Go for minimal jewelry that can compliment your outfit and dance style.
  • Remove temporary tattoos and stickers before the photoshoot.
  • Practice difficult poses ahead of time.
  • Always bring a hair brush and ties if you are tying up your hair for different poses.
  • Go for natural makeup to keep the overall look simple.

Fine dance portraits take preparation that goes on for weeks and months at length. From getting your body to look right to perfecting your facial expressions to finding the ideal outfits, a lot of preparation goes behind flawless dance portraits. However, always keep in mind that the perfect picture might not come the first time. In this regard, choosing a top-quality photographer who can understand what you are looking for is very crucial.

Make sure your professional photographer has past experience with photographing dancers. For instance, a headshot photographer might not be able to capture you in motion. A professional dance photographer with a successful track record will have a much better understanding of how you can look and feel your best. It’s important to collaborate with them before the photo session to understand the technical aspects of creating the best poses and shots for your dance portraits.