How to get a US VoIP number

How to get a US VoIP number

Technology continues to make our world simpler and easier, it also affects every aspect of life, from personal chores to simplifying communication with family and friends. Even in traveling, technology has taken a big step forward. For example, it is no longer necessary to buy a local phone number while in the US, but you can get a US VoIP number. Today, we are going to understand what VoIP is and how to get it in the United States of America.

Firstly, let’s understand what a virtual number is.

Virtual number is a phone number that works over the Internet, it works on VoIP voice over the Internet. The principle of operation is based on cloud technology: when someone calls a virtual number, the call is first sent to a cloud telephony server and then to your smartphone. In order to use a virtual number, you will need a cell phone or tablet with internet access and the appropriate software that allows you to connect virtual numbers.

Virtual numbers provide the same functions as regular numbers, for example, receiving calls to the operator’s number from any country, receiving one-time SMS messages. Also, virtual number has very useful additional functions, such as: anonymity when registering in social networks, receiving free calls, which may be relevant for business owners who have a call center or customer support department.

Benefits of using a virtual phone number:

  1. Simplifies communication with relatives in the US. With a virtual number, you will be able to call your family and friends living in America.
  2. Ease of shopping in the US. While shopping in online stores, you will be given a virtual American number to receive notifications and calls from sellers.
  3. Simplifies traveling to America. You will not have to buy a SIM card of the local operator, because you can get a virtual number and stay in touch, use social networks and messengers. In addition, compared to roaming, a virtual number is much cheaper.
  4. For business owners in the USA, a virtual number opens new horizons. In it you will be able to maintain communication with partners and clients regardless of your location, save on landline communication, the ability to set up call forwarding, connect multi-channel number, welcome message and much more.
  5. Virtual number provides you with confidentiality and safety of your personal data.

How to connect a virtual number?

The process of connecting a virtual number is quite simple. In order to become a user of this service, firstly, you need to choose a provider. The connection scheme of different operators may differ, but, as a rule, the procedure follows several standard steps:

  1. Registration on the provider’s website.
  2. Select the number, country, city, and operator code.
  3. Setting up redirection for receiving calls and SMS.
  4. Replenishment of the balance for the amount equal to the cost of the number and the monthly subscription fee.
  5. Confirmation and activation of the number.

After activation of the number, you can choose one or more devices to which calls will be forwarded. It can be a smartphone, computer or tablet, the main thing is that your device should be connected to the Internet. After activating this service, the tariff and the virtual number in general can be managed through your personal cabinet in the operator’s application

Which companies provide virtual numbers in the United States.

The service of leasing a virtual number is provided by specialized web resources or applications. If you want to buy a virtual US mobile number, the first thing to do is to browse the websites of several operators and compare the offered conditions. To connect a virtual number in the USA, you need to pay attention to the following nuances:

  • the coverage area of the number, to be sure that in the state in which you are, the number will work,
  • the duration of the tariff plan, because the virtual number may be disposable, take this into account when choosing an operator,
  • cost,
  • additional features included in your plan.

We suggest that you consider the following virtual number companies in the USA.

  1. The first in our rating will be Burner. This is an application for obtaining disposable US phone numbers. The key feature of the service is that in Burner there is no possibility to restore an unpaid or previously used number, also with numbers from Burner you cannot call emergency numbers.

A one-week lease will cost $1.99, which includes 20 minutes for calls or 60 SMS. A 60-day package costs $4.99, which includes 75 minutes or 225 SMS. Calls are received in the app, and if there is no internet, a call forwarding to voicemail will work. New users register with a real cell phone number.

The application is available for installation on Android and iOS.

  1. The next app we will look at is Hushed. Each user is allocated a virtual disposable virtual number for communication with American subscribers, forwarding, and voicemail functions are also included.

The cost of the tariffs varies with the number of days. For example, a 7-day number with 20 minutes and 60 SMS included costs $1.99, a 30-day number with 50 minutes and 150 SMS will cost you $3.99, and a 90-day tariff with 100 minutes and 150 SMS costs $9.99. Hushed also has an Unlimited plan that includes unlimited calls and SMS for 30 days for $4.99 per month.

The service is represented by a traditional app for Android and iOS.

  1. The last application we will look at is TextMeUp. This application has unusual features, such as maintaining video calls and group messages. The rest of the features are pretty basic: calls, sms messages.

The TextMeUp app is designed to be very user-friendly, allowing you to quickly switch between different numbers in the app. The connection price ranges from $4.99 to $7.99 per month, depending on the features desired.

The app is available for installation on Android and iOS.

Thus, connecting to a virtual number in the US has numerous benefits, including saving money instead of roaming, enhanced services for doing business, and ease of communication with relatives and friends in the US. Connecting a virtual number takes only a few minutes, and you can manage your number through a specialized application of the operator.

When purchasing a virtual number, you also need to keep in mind some peculiarities, for example, that your smartphone or other device must be connected to the Internet. In addition, when buying a US number, pay attention to the number coverage areas, duration of number usage, cost and additional features offered by telecom operators.