How to Get Compensation After Suffering an Uber Accident

How to Get Compensation After Suffering an Uber Accident?

Uber has become the modern way to get about town, but these ride apps are not accident free. Here is what to do if you have suffered an Uber accident and you think you deserve compensation.

Uber accidents are on the rise alongside the growth of the app. Uber and Lyft have become so popular that they rival the humble taxicab in availability. It is an attractive business model because anyone can pay the correct insurance and turn themselves into an Uber driver. However, this lack of experience shows through the rising number of accidents these drivers cause.

We took a detailed look into how you can get compensation if you are in an accident in an Uber. You are not the one driving and therefore you cannot be liable in the event of an accident. Who is liable and how do you file? Let us find out.

What to Do After an Uber Accident?

After the accident you should stick around to speak to the police and give your witness statement. If you suffer horrible injuries, this might not be possible. Instead, go to the hospital and focus on your recovery. When you are well enough, your first course of action should be to hire an Uber accident lawyer. They will gather evidence on your behalf, speaking to witnesses and ensuring that they care for your best interests.

The other man reason to hire a lawyer after an Uber accident lies in filing a claim for compensation. They know what you can claim and how you can claim it. A specialist lawyer can tell you what you need to say and do to get the maximum amount of compensation you deserve.

What can I Claim for After an Uber Accident?

Once you have suffered an Uber accident, there are different insurance claims you can make. You can claim for medical expenses, lost income, fright or terror at the collision, physical damage to your goods or person, pain and suffering, any impact on your quality of life, disfigurements, and emotional trauma. You can even claim loss of companionship if the person you were travelling with dies.

How Do I Claim for Compensation in an Uber Accident?

To get this type of compensation, you must make Uber aware of the accident. Uber expects the drivers to do the same. Your police and hospital reports will corroborate your story. Uber expects its drivers to insure themselves but extends its commercial insurance license to cover them anyway. This means you are technically suing the driver of the Uber and not the company themselves in the event of an accident. Nevertheless, if the driver is at fault, you receive insurance pay outs from Uber themselves.

Uber drivers are insured for up to $1 million under Uber’s policies. The driver’s own policies will add to this. They can stack until they reach individual company limits. You should prepare yourself for a battle, though. Uber are notorious for hiring top notch law firms to defend themselves. Lawyer up before you enter this battle, you will need it.