How to Get Massive Clouds Of Vapour From Your Vape To Look More Stylish

How to Get Massive Clouds Of Vapour From Your Vape To Look More Stylish

Do you want to learn how to produce bigger vape clouds? It’s impressive, and once you get good at it, you can start doing tricks! This article will help you learn how to make massive clouds of vapours from your reusable or disposable vape.

Choosing The Right Type Of Tank For Cloud Vaping

Size is the most important factor to consider when choosing a vape tank. The larger the tank, the more e liquid it can hold and vaporize. This means you’ll be able to enjoy extended vaping periods without constantly stopping to refill your tank.

In addition, the type of material you use is important. To produce big clouds, you need a device that can withstand high heat levels. Pyrex or glass are good options. A sub-ohm tank with a low-resistance coil is recommended to produce big vapour clouds.

Adjusting The Airflow To Ensure Optimal Flow

A central element of vaping is airflow. If you want bigger vapour clouds, then you need more air flowing through your device to cool it down. That helps preserve your wick and prevents damage from excessive power or weak airflow. When done correctly, you can generate precisely balanced clouds in size and density.

Which e-Liquids Work The Best For Cloud Making?

E-liquids are a mixture of two base ingredients: vegetable glycerin (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). They serve separate functions, with VG providing vapour while PG provides throat hit and flavour. If you want to prioritize vapour output above anything else, aim for an e-liquid heavy in VG content. you can add nic shot in the shortfill to attain the desired strength of nic salt in your e liquid.

Choosing The Right Battery

If you’re new to vaping, fixed voltage batteries, similar to the ones found in disposable vapes, will work fine. However, if you want to produce bigger clouds of vapour for extended periods, you’ll need stronger batteries.

Mods, such as the Smok Rpm 85W, that you can regulate will let you change how much voltage and wattage your vape needs. This option leads to a less harsh hit and denser clouds.

You can better tailor your vaping experience to match your preferences by adjusting the power range on your battery. For example, if you’re using a regulated box mod, starting at a lower wattage is best.

What About Inhaling & Exhaling Techniques?

No amount of equipment or tweaking will enable you to create massive vapour clouds correctly if you’re not inhaling and exhaling the vapour properly. Firstly, stop using the MTL (Mouth To Lung) inhalation technique if you want to create big clouds. This method allows the vapour to dissipate in the mouth before reaching the lungs, so you’ll never achieve maximum cloud potential.

Mastering your DTL (Direct To Lung) inhalation method is key to success. This requires that you inhale more quickly and forcefully. Doing so will allow you to minimise vapour dispersion, and the added airflow will ensure that your coil stays cool. Then, as you exhale, do so slowly and steadily to keep the cloud from becoming thinner. Remember, practice makes perfect; with time, you’ll be able to blow huge clouds that are also beautiful.

Summing It All Up

Creating huge vapour clouds isn’t impossible. However, you should start with a disposable vape and work your way up to a vaping kit that helps you accomplish the goal.