How To Get Rid Of An RV Stuck

How To Get Rid Of An RV Stuck

For many people, RVing is a sure way to switch from a boring moment into one filled with activities. However, the excitement can quickly turn into a frustrating moment when your RV gets stuck in the mud.

Getting stuck in sticky ground is a common situation among RVers. While there are ways to avoid this sticky situation, it’s best to know how to get out of it when it happens to you. Alternatively, you could just make sure to have a Camper RV Removal in Atlanta Georgia | EZ Junk Removal on speed dial. This way you only need to call them and they will come around to rescue you.

Common Ways to Get an RV Stuck

Stuck in Sand

RVers love the sweet experience that comes with driving their RV to a beach. However, while it may be easy to drive your RV in tightly packed sand, it may be a tug of war if you’re driving on soft sand.

Stuck in Mud

You may be caught in an unpleasant situation where the road that was smooth on your way in becomes muddy and messy on your return due to a rainstorm. If you drive a trailer or heavy truck, the situation may even be worse as mud or soft grass doesn’t favor trucks and trailers due to their heavy weight.

Stuck in a Rut

Roads that are located in dry camps are typically dirty. However, they tend to develop ruts when more vehicles walk on them. These roads become worse with deeper ruts when vehicles try to maneuver them during muddy conditions. The situation may be worse if your RV doesn’t have high clearance.

Stuck in Grass

Sometimes the grass can become soft and soggy due to a busted underground water line or heavy rainfall. You may not realize the condition of the grass until you discover your tires are deeply stuck in them.

Quick Tips To Avoid Getting Your RV Stuck

Determine the Firmness of the Ground

The first thing you need to do before you attempt to drive your RV on grass or sand is to determine whether or not the ground is hard enough for your RV. If you are unsure about this, you can walk upon the ground first. You can also use a firm stick to check the depth of the soil if the ground is muddy or ask around from other campers. This way, you will be sure the ground is firm enough to support the weight of your RV.

Reduce the Pressure

If you find your RV stuck in the sand, relieving the pressure of the tires can help. This will make room for more traction which is enough to save the situation. However, ensure you have a standby air compressor to refill the tires before you continue your journey. Ensure you deflate the tires just enough to get them out of the sand.

Gain Traction

In case you’re stuck in the mud, you’ll need to increase the traction of your tires. To do this, you must have necessary tools like emergency traction mats which give the tires an extra grip. You can also use plywood scraps, long planks, or carpeting. Put any of the materials under the edge of the tires and ensure no one is close by as you try the gas.

Rock and Roll

When you find yourself in the mud, you may be tempted to use the accelerator or hit the brakes. However, this would only do more harm than good. The best thing to do in such a situation is to maintain your forward momentum or reverse gradually. You can also use gentle pressure on the gas pedal and move back and forth at the lowest gear.

RV Self-Rescue Tips

In some worse scenarios, you may find yourself stuck alone in the sand, mud, rut, or grass. In such cases, the following tips will help you get rid of your RV stuck.

  • Always travel with an extra vehicle
  • Always travel with a Hi-Lift Jack.
  • Always mount a heavy-duty winch on either end of your RV.
  • Always travel with shackles, chains, and nylon straps.
  • Always make sure your phone is fully charged in case you need to call for help.

Regardless of your experience and the type of RV you drive, you could get stuck at some point. Fortunately, saving the situation is easy with the right tools. Therefore, before you embark on your trip, ensure you have the right accessories for your RV.