How to get rid of springtail bugs in your Nashville home

How to get rid of springtail bugs in your Nashville home?

Bugs are a kind of pests that are called arthropods that have at least six legs, mouthparts, and exoskeletons on the outside. They are associated with the words “creepy” and “crawly” because of their appearance. There are three main types of bugs – insects (flies, ants, wasps), arachnids (spiders, scorpions, mites), and myriapods (centipedes, millipedes). All of these are pests that can infest a home in Nashville. One example of bugs that infest a Nashville home is springtail bugs.

What are springtail bugs?

Springtail bugs are small, wingless insects that cannot jump but can jump; hence, their name is “springtail” bugs. Additionally, when they are disturbed, they “spring” high in the air. As a result, they might be confused with fleas because of how they jump from one place to another. Moreover, they somehow look like fleas, but instead, they have a rounder body shape and can be easily killed by crushing, unlike fleas. Springtail bugs are commonly found in a moist environments like soil and decaying wood or plant materials. In addition, during the winter season, springtail bugs can be found jumping around fallen snow, which is why they are also called “snow fleas.” They are resilient pests because they can thrive during harsh winter weather using proteins within them and their ability to move and breed quickly. Nonetheless, springtail bugs are most active during sunny days in Nashville.

Are springtail bugs harmful?

No, springtail bugs are not harmful. Luckily, springtail bugs do not bite or sting. Hence, there is no such thing as “springtail bugs bite.” Additionally, they do not damage your home in Nashville. They are just considered a nuisance because of their ability to breed quickly and appear in your Nashville home in groups.

What kills springtail bugs?

Despite springtail bugs not being harmful and damaging to your Nashville home, there are some that still want to get rid of and prevent springtail bugs. The acidity of vinegar can burn and kill springtail bugs. Therefore, vinegar can be used as a natural insecticide. You should also remove excess moisture in your Nashville home. Remove containers that have a lot of water, and keep your pool covered if not used. Moreover, lower the humidity in your home using a humidifier. Springtail bugs love both moisture and humidity, so eliminating these two can get rid of springtail bugs and prevent them from infesting your home. Additionally, contact a pest control company to assess your home if you suspect a springtail bug infestation. They are experts and know how to effectively eliminate and prevent pests like springtail bugs.