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How to Impress Before the Procession: Eye-Catching Wedding Invites?

As you know, the theater begins with a hanger, but a wedding – with an invitation. The wedding invitation as an attribute of etiquette demonstrates the status of the event and at the same time respect for the invitee. Therefore, those who do not realize the role of wedding printing should be reminded that there may not be a second chance to make a first impression.

As for invitation design trends for the new season, we can consider the best wedding invitation ideas that have emerged this year and are likely to remain relevant and continue to evolve.

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Wedding Invites

1.   Precious metals

Gold, silver, bronze… Original wedding invitations with metallic touches, borders, patterns or calligraphy just look luxurious.  Gold embossing is indispensable for art deco design.  Metal details look stylish also in minimalist design, both against a monochromatic background of complex dark colors, and against the mystical patterns of the night sky or a cut of precious minerals.

2.   Watercolor

Watercolor is one of the hottest trends in wedding printing, and there seems to be something new every day in the application of this technique. Airy and transparent, casual and graceful, watercolor is like it was made for a wedding theme, and indeed, it’s a great way to not just add color and texture to your cute wedding invitations, but also a romantic mood.

3.   Rustic and Woodland Aesthetics

Rustic styles and woodland themes have been in vogue for several years, but they still show no signs of losing popularity. Everything related to nature – images of trees, greenery and forest animals, combined with simple lace and natural materials.

4.   Emphasis on text

The availability of a great variety of fonts, including calligraphic, as well as the growth of calligraphy and lettering popularity contribute to the use of font as the main tool for wedding invitation design.

5.   Illustrations

It’s no surprise that brides love having their invitations become works of art. For truly best wedding invitation designs, some choose places dear to their hearts, objects, and sometimes images of the lovers themselves, while others simply use beautiful illustrations that they like. Either way, guests will treasure such an invitation as a piece of art.

6.   3D invitations

The original version of the invitation, the details of which, when opened, unfold into a three-dimensional picture, the most interesting variants – with the image of the couple themselves.

7.   Map of the venue

Recently it has become popular to hold a registration or wedding celebration in unusual places, so the image of a map of the venue is not just a decorative device, but often a useful tool in finding a place for guests. It can also be a pretty drawn map of important locations for the newlyweds, or key areas at the wedding itself.

8.   Sleek minimalism

A chic, minimalist wedding invitation design is always classy and appealing. Keep it simple and monochrome, or add one color, and use no more than two different fonts. The most important factor for a minimalist design is the use of space. Make sure everything fits perfectly on the paper, and leave enough empty space to draw attention to the words and create a clean, fresh aura.

Non-Paper wedding Invitations

9.   Creative use of paper

Paper is an amazing material in terms of the variety of ways it can be used creatively. Openwork cutting, unconventional gluing, folds, layers, textures… The options are myriad, but the trick is to make sure the choice of texture and shape of paper works well with the graphics of the invitation itself, rather than competing with it.

10.  Modern Geometry

Geometric motifs and shapes are not diminishing in popularity, as they give huge scope for ideas and give a spark of uniqueness to wedding invitation themes.

11.  Non-Paper Invitations

Who says an invitation has to be paper? The bravest couples surprise their guests long before the wedding by presenting invitations made of plastic, wood, painted stone or printed on fabric…

12.  Digital Invitations

In this age of digital technology, some couples choose not the traditional way of inviting guests, but by sending them a wedding invitation in the form of a link to a website or video. This method is good because it makes it easy to send invitations to guests no matter where they are in the world. In some cases, it saves money on making invitations, another important advantage is the ability to set up guest surveys and forums or chat rooms for discussion, and the actual communication of guests well in advance of the event itself. However, it is always worth remembering about the older guests, those who do not have a smartphone or computer and for whom it is still worth preparing a traditional way of inviting according to the classic canons of etiquette.