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8 Ways to Make the Most of Your Small Living Space

Some may think that living in a small space is not ideal. It may be for some, especially those that have large families. But, having a small house provides awesome opportunities and unique challenges.

Living in a small home means you get to save on electricity bills. If you are single, then a small home gives you the privacy you need without exhausting your budget.

The company Trieagle Energy may not work for the interiors, but it suggests you minimize the living space to reduce electricity & energy consumption.

But, a small home also means you have to make most of the space for you to live comfortably. How do you do that? Let’s find out below!

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#1 Organize your things.

Small rooms function optimally if they are properly organized. But, small spaces make it quite challenging for others to organize their things. Therefore, it’s essential that you become creative when organizing your home while keeping it visually appealing. Don’t worry though, you can find a lot of tips and tricks on the internet as small houses today are on-trend.

But, you can start by separating important things from the non-essentials. For example, get rid of magazines that are from a few years back. Or, you can give away old clothes that you stopped wearing. The fewer things you have, the easier it is to organize.

#2 Make smart choices when designing.

Making wise design choices not only applies to small houses but house designing in general. Find house furnishings that open your home visually. Low-profile seating can make an illusion of high ceilings. Chairs, tables, and shelves in wire mesh, glass, and acrylic are visibly lighter. Moreover, open shelves tend to appear less bulky compared to cabinetry. Lastly, if you prefer upholstered furniture, go with those with slender and exposed legs as they expand space.

#3 Maintain a tidy space.

When your home has small square footage, even the tiniest mess can make the room feel messy. But, if you have already organized your things and have gotten rid of the non-essentials, it will be easy to keep your space clean.

Also, since you have a small space, it would be easier for you to be inspired to keep the room tidy rather than waiting for it to be claustrophobic before you start cleaning.

#4 Choose double-duty furniture.

Having a home with a small space means that you should use furniture that has two or more functions. Some examples are couches and tables that can also function as a trunk and kitchen islands that also function as dining tables. Fold-out desks and sleeper sofas are also awesome examples. 

You can simply keep them when not in use and use the space for other purposes. These types of furniture not only are functional but also aesthetic value to your living space.

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#5 Make the most of the colors.

Whether you have your own home or renting a lot, painting is one of the simplest ways of significantly changing the look and feel of your space. What’s more, it’s the least expensive. To get an airy feel, choose lighter shades. But, if you love the color black, then good news! It’s also a great color to make your place seem larger.

For the decorations, choose neutral tones, which are great in making space visually lighter. Various textures and colors will surely make the room more appealing, but be extra careful with huge patterns and prints as they can make the room feel tighter.

#6 Make use of vertical corners and spaces.

When you live in a small home, you should treat spaces and corners as your friends. Look for extra storage spaces that you can form into open shelves that can climb easily to walls. Also, perceive corners as extra storage for bookshelves and even as small offices and mini closets.

#7 Maximize the use of natural light.

A great way to make your space seem bigger is to use a lot of natural light. Go for something airy and light. But,  if your home is somewhat private, you can put window dressings except in your bedroom. If you only have a few windows, use a big and decorative mirror and put it opposite to a window to increase its effect.

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#8 Use your creativity with kitchen storage.

Having a small home can be a challenge when it comes to the kitchen. This is especially accurate if you are someone who loves to spend a lot of time in the kitchen to cook or bake. If you have a lot of kitchen tools and equipment, it’s essential that you create smart storage solutions to maximize the use of space.

To do this, place over-the-door storage racks, tilt-out trash bins, backsplash storage units, and drawer dividers in your kitchen. You can also find DIY solutions online on how you can decorate your kitchen while using most of the space.