beauty routine more eco friendly

How to make your beauty routine more eco friendly

It is a scary fact that most of the plastic in landfills is a result of the ever-growing beauty industry. While we’re too busy making ourselves look the best way possible, we’re destroying our home – the planet Earth. Being sustainable in our everyday life shouldn’t be a fad, it should become an integral part of our lifestyles. Fortunately, updating your beauty routine with more eco-friendly options is not hard if you follow these tips and tricks.

Recycle empty packaging

To be completely honest with you, until recently I was guilty of not recycling my empties. Just chucking them into the bin after they’re done seems so instinctual to most people.

Sadly, this instinct comes with great consequences to our ecosystems. Try to collect all of your empties in a bag or a box and after it’s filled to the brim take it to your local recycling spot. It’s important that all plastic has the “chasing arrows” icons on its labels since unfortunately not all of it is recyclable.

Buy from green brands

Reuse your empties

Now that you’re in the process of changing up your routine to the benefit of our planet you may realize that not all of the products you own come in recyclable packaging.

It would be counter-effective to just throw them out before you’re done using them and replace them with more eco-friendly products. Use your products up and once the jars are empty you can clean them and use them to store some trinkets you have laying around the house. Most of the packaging is drop-dead gorgeous, anyways.

Buy from green brands

Most of us don’t really pay attention to the politics behind the companies that we’re buying from. However, their environmental policies affect us all. We’re all stuck on the same planet after all. Instead of mindlessly shopping, invest in sustainable makeup brands. Look for the “leaping bunny symbol” if you’re passionate about going cruelty-free.

Cruelty-free beauty products are different from others because in their production there was no testing on animals. However, cruelty-free doesn’t mean that the product is vegan so it may still contain beeswax, carmine or other animal products.

Shop locally

The environmental impact of big-name beauty brands such as Estee Lauder or Johnson & Johnson is horrifyingly huge. By buying from them we’re encouraging them to produce more products which is detrimental to our planet. The solution to this problem would be to replace big name brands with products made by local brands. In this way, you will reduce your carbon footprint and support your local economy.

Get reusable makeup tools

Since makeup wipes and cotton pads have to be disposed of after each use, they are probably the least eco-friendly step of the average person’s beauty routine. Consider replacing them with washable cotton pads you can throw into your washing machine instead of the trash can. Disposable plastic razors are also a major pollutant so try to replace them with reusable stainless steel razors. If you menstruate, try using a diva cup instead of tampons and pads.

Pay attention to the ingredients

Unfortunately, most of us just glance at the ingredients to maybe see if there’s something we’re sensitive to in the product. However, more attention should be paid to the label.

A lot of beauty products, ranging from toothpaste to mascara, contain microplastics such as polyethene which are very harmful to the environment. Try to avoid products with these ingredients. Moreover, there are companies that use unethically sourced ingredients like mica, which is mined by impoverished children. Look for products that use synthetic mica instead.