How To Make Your Product Gain Attention During Easter 2023

How To Make Your Product Gain Attention During Easter 2023

When holidays come around, businesses gain a chance to capitalize with their marketing. Easter is no exception, with retail sales related to the holiday reaching billions of dollars in transactions. If you have a product that could be great to sell around Easter, you’ll want to be prepared with the right packaging and branded mylar bags that will make a statement in the customer’s mind.

Visually Stunning Designs

For many people, Easter is a symbol of spring and happiness. You’ll see a lot of bright colors associated with Easter products. You can get in on the trend by designing seasonal packaging that catches the eye.

Work with an artist to create a beautiful design that evokes the spirit of the season while still representing your brand. You can use traditional elements such as bunnies, eggs and flowers in your packaging design. This will help people associate your product with the holiday.

You can take this a step further with packaging that is shaped like common Easter items. Egg shapes are a simple option that will add just a bit more fun to your product and package.

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Incorporating Nostalgic Design Ideas

Holidays also bring up a lot of memories for people, so tap into this when you style your products. Use nostalgia to endear your product to your customer base. If you have an established history of creating designs for Easter, create a series of packages that have your vintage styles. The emotional pull will make people enjoy the items that much more.

These vintage packages could also be sold as a limited series. Limited edition packaging creates a sense of urgency and exclusivity, which can motivate customers to purchase your product. Come up with several different but related styles and challenge your customers to collect all of them before the season is over.

Make Products Easy To Share

Easter is a holiday about togetherness and family, so it’s a good idea to have products that can be shared. Check out stick packaging market trends to see if any of the products you currently sell can be easily packaged in stick packaging or other individual sizes. Selling items in this way is perfect for parents shopping for Easter basket treats, children who want to give Easter gifts to a group of friends or classmates or anyone planning a scavenger hunt where children search for hidden treats.

Use Your Packaging To Stand Out for Easter

Selling a great product takes a lot of work during any time of the year, but it can be a bit tougher during holidays such as Easter. Shelves are flooded with products that tap into the spirit of the season and push people to buy. You can help your product have better standing by putting more thought into your packaging.

From frozen food packaging bags to pouches for snacks, everything with your brand name and product should be unique and appealing. Start looking at your options to come up with the perfect campaign for Easter and every holiday that comes afterward.