Close-up view of hands of unrecognizable woman giving red gift box tied to bow handed to man.
Close-up view of hands of unrecognizable woman giving red gift box tied to bow handed to man. Giving gifts during the Christmas, Happy New Year and Happy Birthday at office.

How To Prepare Corporate Gifts For Your Next Business Event

A business event is something to look forward to for those in business as it gathers people sharing a common interest in the company. It could be an introduction to new products or keeping employees in the loop for something new, progresses, and changes that need to happen. The business event is also an opportunity to give specific gifts to brand supporters.

This post will provide ideas on choosing and preparing corporate giveaways for your attendees. Keep on reading to learn more.

Define Your Goal

Holding a business event, you have your mind set on a goal to inform and to create noise around your business or product. Why do you want to achieve this with your corporate gift? Any company that wants to do corporate gifting or giveaways at events has at least one goal.

One is brand awareness, which introduces your business to potential customers and clients. Next, you want to create excitement around your products and your brand. If you have social media, people can talk about your product and share it with people they know. Finally, you want to generate more sales, which is possible with more customers buying your product. Overall, all you want is for them to remember who you are.

As a business, you want to be memorable and relevant. When choosing corporate gifts, avoid decorative items that’ll only gather dust because they remain unused. There is a company that sells corporate clothing and gifts South Africa, offering a wide range of options to choose from. This ensures that your gifts are practical and appreciated. Choose functional items your supporters and customers will like and use daily, similar to MeowPrint Corporate Gifts.

Determine Which Item Will Leave The Most Impression

Thousands of promotional items receive printing with the business name or logo. But while they’re given away for free, the kind of item you choose can also leave an impression on your potential clients. That’s why research is essential to find one that garners interest and popularity.

Also, you can select good quality shirts and brand them with your logo or business name using a reputable t-shirt printing service like

You want the best items to represent your company. Are you producing luxury items or those that are student-friendly? If you’re a luxury brand, using cheap, plastic items as giveaways don’t reflect the sophistication you want to emit.

Another tip to determine the best item is to look into your target audience. Is your target market homemakers? Young professionals? What are their values, interests, gender, what are their jobs? Knowing your demographics enables you to choose corporate gifts they’ll use and not throw out.

Personalize Your Gifts

Say some of the attendees to your event are shareholders. Thus, you’d want to create a lasting impression, meaning your corporate gift must stand out. Please select the best items and present them as a kit. It informs them how much you appreciate their presence and support. Carefully choosing the best functional items for them makes them remember you as a generous person.

Personalization doesn’t need to be expensive. The gift you give must matter to the recipient as a way of personalizing a gift. Is your supporter a pet bird-lover, a particular sport enthusiast, or someone who likes going to restaurants? Select gifts that they can use while enjoying a favorite activity or hobby.

You can even print out ‘Thank You’ cards and give them to your attendees along with a corporate gift to show that you value your attendees.

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Group of young business people are working together in modern office. Successful team in coworking are celebrating event with champagne. Freelancers.

Follow Top Trends

Corporate giveaways must make a lasting impact on your attendees in the same way that you wanted the event to make your business relevant. Giving away corporate gifts lets you gather leads and engage potential customers and employees. Yet to send a clear message, look into what is trending today and base your gifts on those trends.

Some of the biggest trends today are recycling and sustainability, gadgets and innovations, and mindful merchandise related to mental health.

Below are some examples:

  • A box containing herbals teas, a book about Yoga, and positive affirmation cards;
  • Gadgets can be a beanie that plays music or newly released headphones;
  • Reusable tote bags you can use for shopping or metal straws with a printed pouch; and so on.

These corporate gifts will help remind your attendees of the causes they believe in, and they’ll associate your business with them. This is also not a bad idea if you want your business to stand for something that it firmly believes in.

Factor In The Cost

Before doing giveaways, you must realize that it’s an expense that’ll impact your business as well. You don’t have to give in to peer pressure if you can’t afford it. Nonetheless, if you’re budgeting for a marketing campaign, consider corporate gifting as a way to let your business be known to your clients and customers.

If you’re giving away gifts at your business event, plenty of functional items don’t cost an arm and a leg. There’s also no need to give everyone an item each. You can choose a few select people you’d want to network with or give them away to select people only.

If your business is involved in manufacturing, you can select items that you can create yourself to give to event attendees. The cost will be lower, and you can show your leads and shareholders that you’re making good quality items simultaneously. It shows them to see how they can benefit from your products too. Plus, you can hand them out as samples.

There are many products out there that you can give as corporate gifts, but remember to give mindfully and source functional items they the recipients will use.


You can prepare corporate gifts for your next business event by defining the event’s goal.

If among the goals is brand awareness, select items that best represent your business. Personalize gifts by choosing a kit with functional items that your recipient will use while enjoying a hobby or activity. In addition, you can follow trends as an option when selecting gifts. Finally, decide if you want to provide for all attendees or to a chosen group of individuals only.

Giving corporate gifts is also a way to market your business, yet at the same time, you don’t have to choose gifts that are too expensive.