What Is the Best Macaw Food for Your Bird Pet?

The answer to what macaws eat is fascinating because the first thing that usually comes to people’s minds is seeds and fruits, but they are not the only things they consume. These omnivorous birds need a diet of macaw food that provides them with all the nutritional values. Therefore, it is ideal for providing a variety of food that includes vegetables, nuts, legumes, and the proteins present in grains and South American mix to cover these pets’ requirements. In this sense, to guarantee good nutrition for parrots, it is necessary to provide them with a source of vitamins and minerals.

South American Mix for Your Macaw

One option for this specie is South American mixed bird food that you can buy in stores. Your parrot’s diet should always be varied and balanced. Macaws need to eat balanced to be healthy, so it is essential to know what to give them so that they are not fed a poorly adapted diet that does not allow them to obtain the daily nutrients their organism needs. The macaw’s diet must be made accordingly to the specie; it must be varied o that it offers all the minerals it needs for a good function. In addition, its diet will help it get away from different diseases.

Essential Macaw Food for a Balanced Diet 

Before, the staple diet for macaws was usually sunflower seeds. They usually filled their feeders with it and gave them now and then. Giving macaws sunflower seeds is a big mistake because they don’t offer the nutrients macaws need; instead, they contain a massive amount of fat. Before you get a macaw, you should read what it is like for it to live in its natural habitat and what it feeds with and try to copy that, even if you cannot do it entirely. Then, you can get inspired and try to give your bird pet the macaw food that replaces the food in its habitat.

It’s easy to find all kinds of seed mixes in pet stores, but unfortunately, it’s widespread for them to become the staple of a parrot’s diet in captivity. Although parrots naturally feed on South American mix, their consumption in the wild has nothing to do with that of parrots in captivity. The main problem with these seed mixes of canary seed, sesame, sunflower, millet, and oats is that the parrot can pick the seeds they like and leave the rest out. For example, they usually eat the sunflower and ignore the other seeds in the mix, so they will only get some of the necessary nutrients.

Compound Food for Parrots

Compound food is the basis of the diet of these birds. Their first advantage is that, unlike seed mixes, the bird can’t choose a specific macaw food. That means you give your parrot all the ingredients in equal proportion in each pellet or extruded kibble. Thus, you ensure that it consumes all the nutrients it needs. Compound food for parrots consists of ingredients such as grains, seeds, certain vegetable oils, vegetables, and fruits, as well as many vitamins and minerals selected for optimal health.

You will choose different macaw South American mix brands in different shapes and sizes suitable for each species. Mixed-colored foods attract them and appear more attractive, while non-colored ones may seem more tedious and monotonous. Of course, both are equally good, but you should know that when the macaw food is different colors, or the kibbles are different shapes, it can choose what it eats because it doesn’t like certain foods.

Macaws Eat Fruits and Vegetables

Almost half of the macaw’s diet should have different types of vegetables and fruits. The ideal macaw food is to choose three other fruits and give them as part of every day’s diet. The fruits and vegetables you need to wash and buy fresh ones, and you can feed them raw or cooked. These types of foods provide a wide range of vitamins and minerals. Always rinse all produce you feed your bird thoroughly and buy organic whenever possible, although fruit consumption should be somewhat controlled due to its high sugar content. You can offer bananas, mangos, papayas, pomegranates, peaches, apples, grapes, and citrus.

Foods Harmful to Parrots

Macaws’ digestive system is different from people’s, so it is not strange to hear that they cannot tolerate the same food that people eat. Some can even harm them so much that it can kill them. A good example is avocados and tomatoes. So many choose to buy their macaw bags of South American mix because they know it is their bird pet’s healthiest alternative. Never give your macaw chocolate, candies, salty foods, or garlic because all these are also harmful to your parrot’s health. Also, please occasionally provide them with yogurt but never offer them milk.

Caring for Parrots for Good Nutrition

Now that you have more information about what parrots eat, it is essential to be aware of the water they drink, so it is necessary to change it at least once a day to keep them hydrated and have the cleanest vital fluid possible. In addition, it is always recommended to check that the macaw is eating well, so you can do this by observing whether it has bright eyes and feathers and an active posture. As for celery as macaw food, although it has many nutrients, the fibrous part can cause constipation in the bird. 

It is also not recommended that parrots, although omnivores by nature, eat meat, as their digestive systems can quickly process vegetable fats; they have more problems with animal fat, causing a lot of damage to your pet. As part of general care, mention is made of the proper pre-washing of fruits and vegetables and other foods that require this to be given to parrots, and especially to remove any waxy substance that some vegetables bring when bought and used. To keep the South American mix in good condition, feed your macaw, permanently seal the bag, and put it in places out of the sun.